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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TM11</b></div><div>They have yet to get to the second round, his lasting legacy of an inability to advance will affect the team long term. Bruce got fired from Washington and it took them 6 more years to win the cup. I don't think OVI, Backstrom are guys that are meant to suck in the playoffs. Just like I don't think Matthews, Nylander Tavares, and Marner were made to suck in the playoffs. I think keeping around a coach who cant get it done affects the psyche of the players for the rest of their careers. You don't want mediocracy being accepted in Ottawa. Look how long it too for Detroit, They kept Blashill for way too long, prospects developments were stunted and they are kinda just mediocre now.</div></div>

Love how this turned into a leafs subject...

Keefe's and Boudreau's win % speaks for itself. Playoff success or not, they had to get there and you don't average 45-50 win/100 point seasons out of nothing. Keefe gets the most from his players and also has a balanced system (helps that he has the talent to work with). There is structure in the leafs game where there isn't any in Ottawa. Can't speak for Detroit in Blashill has I haven't kept up to date on them.

DJ's system is nonsensical to non-existent. Players are lost in the defensive zone, frustrated in the neutral zone and unfortunate in the offensive zone. Ottawa's top 6 is competitive and everything after falls off in terms of production. You can't be successful in today's NHL without a balanced (depth) lineup, a system or structure. It's why teams like the Bruins and Lightning are so successful.