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Jul 15, 2019
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Forum: Armchair-GMSep 18, 2020 at 3:04
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Barilko14</b></div><div>The problem is the only moveable one is the one most likely to be able to outplay his contract. Obv. Matthews/Tavares aren't being moved. 99% chance Marner isn't being moved.

Interesting ! Good analysis. I’m not convinced it’s enough for cernak. Maybe Robertson + liljegren

So that leaves Nylander, who's on a reasonable contract and happens to excel more than pretty well any Leaf forward at the style that Dubas/Keefe want to play. Transition, puck possession, etc.

So I really can't see them moving him.

Right or wrong (there's 30 wrong GMs every year), this team is what it is. Between drafting (they obv hit HRs with Matthews, Marner, Nylander) and the JT signing, they are a skill/possession team.

They're spending up front and the hope is to have competent defence (mainly through draft) that moves the puck to those forwards as fast as possible. As much flak as Dubas gets about having a type, I believe him when he says he's after another Muzzin. Leafs ideally want to add skill, size, bite with every player they bring in to compliment the core. We'll see in a month or 2 if they can pull it off.

IMO a Liljegren plus for Cernak deal makes a lot of sense. Weegar/Manson could be some other targets.

Rielly - Cernak (would by far be the best consistent D partner that Rielly has ever had)
Muzz - Dermott/Holl
Sandin - Dermott/Holl

I could be out to lunch, but to me this looks like a good group today, and has some potential going forward. You would hope Rielly can look like he did a year ago being healthy again, and put up another Top 5 in Norris campaign. I have faith in Dermott, his strengths are exactly what this team needs, but it would be make or break time for him, and bring Sandin along slowly and hopefully this year and next he can contribute solid minutes on an ELC.

Every pairing has speed, skill, some size, and can move the puck.

Add a bit more veteran sandpaper to bottom of the lineup with a Simmonds/Perry type, maybe some more grit on the 4th line and personally I'd be happy with that off-season.

This team is still young enough that the main way they improve is through player progression.</div></div>