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Jul 2, 2021
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First of all not all of these guys will sign even if Holland made all of them an offer. But you said, it's a wishlist.

1) Minni won't take Turris. No one will.
2) Seattle will ask for waaaaaaay more in order to take Neal. A fringe NHL D and a low 2nd certainly won't do it. EDM probably has to buy out Neal.
3) Out of all teams Calgary will be the last team to help out the Oilers. I don't think Koskinen is tradable at this point. Oilers will have to ride it out or buy him out.
4) Kassians contract is bad. PIT certainly won't take him. They don't need him, they don't have the cap space. You'd have to pay teams to take him on. He'll stay.

With that being said, you won't abe able to free up all the cap space like you have. So for that reason alone not all of these FA would be able to sign (even if they wanted to)

5) Kulikov and Larsson are realistic imo. I hope Larsson takes a paycut but I don't believe it. I'd pencil him in at 4x4 at least (and since Holland just showed us that he watched Peter Chiarelli real close [thanks for that Keith deal Ken] he'll probably sign Larsson at 5x5 or something like that). This takes away even more cap space.
6) You'd have to pay Hyman more in order to leave TOR and come to EDM. He's from Toronto, and it's a bigger market than EDM (meaning more financial opportunities outside of hockey). I don't think he'll come to EDM.
7) I like the Granlund and Armia signings. Not sure about their price tags. I don't know them well enough and due to the pandemic it's hard to tell how the FA market prices will be.
8) Since I think that we'll have significant less money than you estimated, I don't think we'll be able to sign Ullmark (or similar). I guess Ken will kick that can down the road and stick with Koskinen/Smith (as bad as that sounds. But hey, at least we have Keith coming in at 5.5x2).

All in all this your ACGM would be the perfect off-season for the Oilers. But I doubt it'll happen. At this point I think all we can expect is the signing of one more 'top' winger and that's it. But maybe I'm just too pessimistic.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 12 at 10:01