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Forum: Armchair-GMFeb. 25, 2022 at 9:37 a.m.
Thread: TDL Move
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CaptainTavares</b></div><div>I try to explain that to so many people on this a lot of real trades the return is less then the rumours suggest a lot of the time. If the leafs are trading Knies, Niemela, etc., recent draft picks who since drafted have proven to be top prospects, they are going to be going after top players with some term, like JT Miller, not middle of the pack players or medoicre rentals. Any teams top prospects for that matter, not just the leafs.

The rumours suggest Hagel won't be traded unless it is for a first and a top prospect, I doubt a team is going to overpay like that, but I think he would be worth a first or a really good prospect, not both. I get it Hagel is a good young player on a great contract, and the Hawks have no reason to trade him unless its an overpay, but that doesn't mean teams are going to line up to overpay.

This site loves to overvalue third line players and bottom pairing D, especially if the D is a RHD, then all hell breaks loose. A lot of people come here just to troll leaf posts too because its the cool thing to do, they suggest leaf players are worthless and any leaf trade has to be a severe overpay, just because its the leafs. Leafs have to be giving up first round picks and/or top prospects on here for players that would never command that type of return.</div></div>

Top prospect is extremely vague however. If it’s said they’re best prospect that’s different. Hiroven is a top prospect. B+ prospect that looks like a he can be Palat type of player if everything goes right. Even it doesn’t he’s be a solid 3rd liner that can play higher if needed.

Also to your point of the hawks need an overpay for player of Hagel calibre people forget who does the hawks have in the system rn. They’re a mediocre teams with almost no futures. Hagel is an amazing complementary player but you need the right players to compliment and those players the hawks have are at the tail end of their career. They need to retool. Get back almost NHL ready prospect and draft effectively this year and next years.
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