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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BallPuckFellow10</b></div><div>Your suggested lineup is not cap compliant ($383K above cap ceiling). Go and test it out for yourself. If you are so adamant about calling it a 3rd line, the role at Kämpf's line before you role the Spezza. Like it honestly doesn't matter who is considered the 3rd or 4th line just like I explained in the description. I think we as fans tend to focus on that way too much. The point I have made is not that Mikheyev is bad. He will absolutely rebound shooting % wise. The issue is his cap hit. There are other player in the league that can do what he does for less money. Kase hasn't really ever played a checking line type of role, so that would be like Kerfoot 2.0. It is not the reason we signed him. He will play more offensively than defensively. He has never had defensive responsibility in his career and to suggest that he is going to play on such a line with the Leafs would be a misinformed opinion. You can trade Dermott but only if they get someone that is better in return. Liljegren can't play shutdown minutes with Muzzin, that just won't happen realistically. Holl and Muzzin have proven that they are that pair and won't be split up. He has also looked very average to bad playing without Muzzin. You have some good ideas, but they unfortunately don't work under the cap.</div></div>

It is important as the 3rd line is the defensive line. Also FYI Kase drives play and is a two way forward with strong goal scoring upside. There was a reason he warranted a 1st from Boston and more. Kase played that role in those Anahiem teams that went to the Conference finals and etc. It’s evident the 3rd line needs a play driver, Kerfoot wasn’t that. Kerfoot is a complimentary player. He will go in there dig out the puck and make the pass needed like Glach did for JT and Willy, or like Hyman did for Matthews and Marner.

Also 383k over the cap easily can send player down or 2 create space. He’ll be sent down on days you don’t want to play Liljegren as you can because he’s waiver exempt. Also to your point about Liljegren I don’t think you watch him enough. If you want you can go search up the quote where Holl admitted that Liljegren helped his defensive game in the Marlies. The only reason Liljegren hasn’t gotten a chance is because of the approach the tram took last season. He was NHL ready last year and now he’s out on more size. Liljegren is great at defending the rush, puck recovering and breaking it out. His decision making is sometimes indecisive hence why he took longer to develop. He’ll adapt to NHL speed especially with Muzzin as his partner and be able to hold his own on the pairing. Holl strives when he’s comfortable with his partner. Having a Sandin-Holl combo would be extremely beneficial as Holl is great at defending the rush. Plus it would be a 3rd pairing. Holl would easily demolish 3rd pairing completion and would compliment Sandin really nicely.

Lastly your point about the 3rd line. You create point that Spezza can play whenever but you neglect that he’s doesn’t play on b2b games. Spezza is 4th line player that you want driving that line. Having Spezza on that 4th line gives the Leafs a lot more flexibility and allows the 4th line to log up some mins as Brooks and Spezza a great offensive players. Having a 4th line that can keep you hemmed in the zone is what Toronto needs. The 3rd line will be deployed to eat up defensive mins so it’s frees the 1st and 2nd lines.

You have great ideas but you’re overthinking it a lot. A lot of great work but think simpler as that’s the approach this season and it’s evident by the moves made. They were more lateral moves and moves that gave more depth and flexibility. Honestly it’s might be a bad opinion compared to how a lot of us are feeling but this Leafs team is better that last years. Especially with the amount of depth in the organization and now Sandin and Liljegren making the jump. Dermott is the odd man out and teams will pay a good draft capital to get a 24yr old d man with RFA rights at the end of his contract.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BallPuckFellow10</b></div><div>I'm sorry, but you clearly haven't read what I wrote, if you do read it you will understand why the lines are like this or even see the other line suggestions I made. At no point have I said or put Nick Ritchie on a defensive line. I don't know where you are getting that idea from. Keeping Mikheyev is also not really an option if they are going to have more than 21 skaters on this roster. Please take a read and come back with any ideas or thoughts that you have.</div></div>

I’m not here to argue with you im giving you a suggestion. It’s evident they way Keefe has his lines set up he wants the 3rd line to be a checking line. He wants to be able to deploy them against other teams best line, hence why I said a line of Mikheyev-Kampf-Kase. I don’t think Mikheyev will have as bad of a shooting season as he did this last year. It might just be a a regression towards his average as he was scoring at a decently high rate before his injury.

To your point about Engvall, we can bury his contract in the minors and it would only cost us 125k, meaning we save 1.125 million. Mikheyev I don’t think is the odd man out, if anyone it’s Dermott. They’re just waiting to see if Liljegren is ready in NHL pre-season and Menell can be a 7th dman before trading Dermott. Dermott would carry great value especially for the price of defenceman this past season and we can easily get picks back to replenish for the deadline to be buyers again.

Just by doing the 2 moves I suggested (sending Engvall down to the Minors and trading Dermott) you gain 2.6 million which gives the leafs about 1 million in cap space and would create a more effective line up. Now having line of:




Scratches: Simmonds, Gabriel, Menell
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>okay so if toronto has been so stacked for so long why haven't they made it out of the first rd? ritchie is useless he is slow and is not good with the puck. the only reason he got goals was becuase he blocked them with butt into the net, as for kase guy has played 9 games in 2 years and has 4 concussions he is done. you overrate your players way to highly, this team does not scare me at all. can't wait to watch yall lose for what the 7th straight first round exit, keep being salty yall havent touched a cup in 54 years and won't touch one for another 54 more. keep saying just one more year buddy you maple losers always think your team is the best and then yall get smacked in game 7:tearsofjoy :tearsofjoy :tearsofjoy :tearsofjoy</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>last time i checked bostons defence was number 2 in the league last year and the only change is from forbort to lauzon which is an upgrade toronto was just barely top 15 and boston had a much more difficult divison, the canadian divison was by far the worst so keep trying to talk smack everyone knows toronto is gonna be golfing early again this year. Bergy marchy and pasta have your guys number and always will, we all know matthews has nightmares the night before he has to line up against bergy, he owns that little puppy buddy can't do nothing in playoffs then theres marner 0 goals in his last 18 playoff games:tearsofjoy :tearsofjoy Pasta alone has more goals in his last 11 playoff games then matthews and marner combined in their last 18:tearsofjoy keep hating you bum</div></div>

I remember Boston getting absolutely stomped in the 1st round from 2000-2004.

Boston doesn’t know how you use effective depth hence why y’all got stomped by NYI, TBL, and St Louis the last 3 yrs in the playoffs and your best playoff performer retired from the NHL.

I’m being salty when you came onto a Leafs thread talking this team ain’t deep yet y’all have Folingo on the 3rd line who had 0 goals with the Leafs for the same cap hit as Kase and Ritchie. Plus y’all didn’t even ulitlize em right.

Go back to sending death threats to your goalies after losses. Y’all sent them to Rask and probably will send em to Ullmark when he regress this year.
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