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Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tryger</b></div><div>Quite a few bad takes in my opinion, Kings started their rebuild 3 years ago. They are 3 points outside of first in the division with most of their prospects yet to graduate.

Why would they trade Arvidsson who is already beating last years numbers for a rental in Smith (who’s movement actually helps a division rival), couldn’t they obtain Riley in the free agency next season (as the Knights won’t be able to afford him?)

Kings have established Iafallo as a top-6 who has great chemistry with both Kopitar and Danault. Kings may be in need of a defenseman. But the Kings are not desperate at RDs like Fabbro, the Kings have Doughty, Roy, Walker, Durzi, Clarke and Faber on the right. They are more in need for a top LD. So not a good fit.

Matt Roy is the Kings best stay at home, he’s become a staple for the team even before Walker and Edler went down.

Dustin Brown has spent every single game over his 18 years with the Kings, moving him to a bottom place team is insulting to someone who captained the Kings to 2 cups.

Perron is on a 22 goal pace over an 82 game season, and has a 5-team NTC, he won’t come to LA, Blues are hot right now.

So pretty… pretty bad.</div></div>

I just took a second look at this (my first look ended quickly when I saw who was being traded, as you can tell from my first comment), and the net effect of this scheme hit me: Fabbro for Roy, and Iafallo for Motte and Petan.

How the #$%&amp; does that help us progress?!?!?

I'd make the Blues trade, of course, because we're stealing St Louis blind, but the rest of these proposed deals are awful.
Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 7:02 p.m.