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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exeko123</b></div><div>He was given several chances on the weakest roster of the NHL - couldn't crack it. Now he has to go through waivers to go to the AHL, so what team would be willing to pay for such a player? It's not like he was a high pick either, and used to be a high-end prospect (ex: Turris a decade ago, also in ARI). To be honest, he'll probably be waived after camp and only after passing the waivers will he be traded, and that'll be for future considerations.</div></div>

This is a weird take to me. He had a major injury his draft year and fell off a lot of people's draft boards. D+1 he was over a ppg with Hamilton. D+2 he was 22g-34a-56p in 27 games, again with Hamilton in the O. Since early then he has been constantly banged up and underwhelming, but he had 47 points in 51 games in Tucson two years ago.
I can't see any reason to be this negative on a guy that skates well and can play anywhere in the lineup and plays with a little sandpaper. He either comes into camp ready and earns a shot, or he goes through waivers. Lots of guys in that position. I don't see the reason for all the hate. I don't even necessarily agree that he's had a real chance to make the squad as they've been committed to keeping guys in Tucson (see: Soderstrom, who has also been underwhelming and a bit mercurial and probably winds up back in Tucson unless he steals a spot). He got his cup of coffee as a reward and a chance to evaluate him at this level, and the results were mixed at best, but there's no reason to think he can't be a good utility player for them or someone else if he stays healthy and puts in the work.
Honestly thought they'd save the contract slot and loan him out to Europe again, like they did a few years back when he went to Finland, so they think he has a future in North America either here or elsewhere, or they wouldn't use their next to last contract slot. They are at 49 (assuming Geekie and Maveric slide and return to jr).
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