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Forum: NHL TradesJan. 23, 2021 at 2:09 p.m.
I'm proud of Winnipeg for handling their need to fill their 2nd Line Centre hole. This deal absolutely covers our missing Centre depth, BUT the Jets are still in need of a top line Defender to add yet. PLD has family in the Jets system, his father (Eric Dubois) is a coach for the MB Moose (the Jets farm team: AHL), so I can see Dubois feeling more "at home" with this move in the near future. Coach Maurice will now have more options to run the top 3 Forward lines and how they'll adjust their Powerplay lines in the mix. I see more positive impact for the whole of the Jets team in this trade.

I'm happy for Patrick Laine, he did contribute and do well for the Jets, but never hit the ceiling he was projected for. I have a gut feeling that Laine will struggle more-so in CBJ than he did in WPG. With PL Dubois leaving CBJ, Laine won't have a top Centre to help him sniping from the slot. I can see Max Domi and Laine working well together, but we'll see how Coach Torts handles Laine's lack of NHL maturity. I wish Laine the best in his future with CBJ, good luck Laine.

Jack Roslovic got his dream come true, playing in the NHL in front of his home town. I liked his tenacity as a Forward depth player with the Jets, but I really don't believe he'll measure up to top 6 Forward material. His potential is good, but honestly not good enough for a top 6 Forward YET. Maybe the change of scenery and the location may help Jack flourish to become that player. I personally think he lacks size for his play style, but maybe Coach Torts can help him figure it out best.
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Forum: NHLMay 25, 2019 at 6:39 p.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMApr. 17, 2019 at 11:58 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RWellington</b></div><div>hahaha that is quite the analogy. People will try jamming Lucic in the faces of Oilers fans like they signed that deal, gimme a break buddy. How is Lucic signing a $6x7 anything like the trade i suggested?
How is MTL adding a player in the draft that they love, plus serviceable LHD anything like the Lucic deal?? You lose all credibility when you make irrationale claims like that.</div></div>
The reason the Lucic deal has "<em>anything to do</em>" with this argument is related to the cap dump of Sekera moving out of EDM onto another team. The cap era is what's relative to all 31 (<em>soon to be 32</em>) NHL teams, and Sekera is seen more as a cap dump than he is as a serviceable LHD, due to his injuries over the past 2 seasons. EDM even had to make a trade work out to have Sekera come back to their lineup from his AHL conditioning stint, thanks to the cap situation. So the reason the Lucic contract keeps coming back to haunt Oilers fans is because of that direct correlation.

Something else to point out that you've mentioned from the quote above, about "<em>MTL adding a player in the draft that they love</em>" is that MTL has their own 1st round pick in 2019 at 15th overall, and could still end up having the rookie they want with that pick. The draft order is what creates parity among NHL teams every draft year. MTL moving up 7 spots with this terrible trade idea isn't something that benefits MTL so much that they send a player like Gallagher out of town!

As for my "credibility", I'm not even worried the slightest about that. Your perception of my "irrational(e) claims" on subjects about any player contracts on any particular team where trade offers are concerned, is my ability to evaluate players. I'm simply expressing my evaluation of your terrible trade idea.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RWellington</b></div><div>You've taken the word forced out of context but while we are on the subject did OTT receive the value they sought on Hoffman or were they forced into a deal? But i am so glad you've given me the trading 101 lesson, i hope contract negotiations 102 is next!! Teams are forced to overpay when you talk about certain types of deals which include draft deals of teams improving their pick, acquiring top tier talent often means overpaying and TDL deals are 50/50 overpays. Forced is not a scary word, i'm not talking about water boarding the MTL GM here</div></div>
The Hoffman situation didn't even have to happen! OTT could have retained Hoffman and EK65 ended up being traded either way. The point of the Hoffman trade was to help appease keeping EK65 with the Sens, but in the end OTT shipped out EK65 when re-negotiations on a new contract weren't working out between the two parties. In no way was OTT ever "<em>forced</em>" to make a trade. Look at Columbus, with their situation with Panarin and Bobrovksy. Instead of shipping them out at the Trade Deadline, they chose to keep them, and even add more players with expiring UFA contracts on July 1st, 2019. They now have a very risk adverse situation after the 2019 playoffs, but that was something they were willing to accept moving forward with the team that they had available at that time.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RWellington</b></div><div>People can disagree with the AGM team / trades that doesnt bother me, what bothers me is people who can't / don't read the logic because they misinterpret the entire rationale around a deal. Instead they focus only on the deal and get butt-hurt when a player they love is included in a deal. The logic asks would MTL move up and could EDM squeeze a winger as part of a return.</div></div>
To be honest, I don't actually care about Gallagher, or the Habs. MTL were well rounded this past season and had a few surprises that worked for them. I've even read your rationale around this terrible trade idea, and it doesn't hold enough weight to warrant MTL making this deal work. So a logical answer for you, is that MTL would not move up the draft order from 15th overall to 8th overall with a cap dump like Sekera involved (<em>since they already have Alzner anyway</em>) and send their best right handed winger in the process. I am not misinterpreting anything from your descriptions above. I evaluated it, had a good laugh (thank you), and replied.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RWellington</b></div><div>You understand nothing, i have hated virtually every deal the Oilers have made going back to 2007 sooooo</div></div>
I think I understand a lot more than you give credit to. I'm sorry that EDM has been one of the worst managed teams since 2007. I have lived in EDM for 4 years myself and witnessed first-hand what the Oilers have done. There are still a few good things working in EDM's favor, like having McDavid locked up long term along with Draisaitl. They still have more work to do though, and I understand that gaining a winger to help McDavid this coming season will be a priority, along with bringing in a right-handed defender (<em>from development or trades</em>) to compliment Klefbom.

Do you know what EDM could do instead of any trades? They could make an offer to a free agent player like Jeff Skinner, but that might require some cap relief first. There could be a buyout on the horizon? There are so many other options that could help EDM better than making offers like this one.
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