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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>giving away our only top 6 RW with no replacement says we're not contenders.

you're going after names just because they're all stars
it has nothing to do with MTL's needs or this team being a contender.

getting Suter makes sense as we'd only have to give up Tatar and Armia before summer 2021 to make the cap work
every other trade though makes no sense especially Vlasic , like WTF is his purpose if Suter's there?

this roster is a chemistry nightmare like the LAK back in the 1990's there is to many cooks in the kitchen and
not enough team players just bunch of individuals .</div></div>

You can play the violin all you want but there's no data to back up your "chemistry nightmare" statement. Im trying to improve the D and get bigger up front. Hall, Benn and Poehling make us bigger last time I checked.

Don't pretend to know how this squad will perform on the ice, i won't either. But on paper they look like they can hold their own in the playoffs. Yup RW is weak, oh well, I'll let the prospects battle it out for the chance to play along Hall and Benn. But I know that in a year or 2 I'll be fine with Caufield and Suzuki, and perhaps Ylonen in the top 9.

SJ is probably 1 of the very few teams that Price would waive his NMC for. Vlasic is a bad contract I gotta take back for Price's bad contract. I don't want Price in MTL. But Vlasic he's still useful if his minutes are managed properly. Yup it's a crap term just like Suter's and Weber's but Ill just secretly hope 1 or 2 of them retire before their contract expires. And if they don't, they don't.

When Leddy's contract is up Romanov will be nice and ripe.
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