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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jo_Habs77</b></div><div>I'm I missing something? Why the hell would MTL want to do that Florida trade?

Denisenko is an interesting prospect. Matheson is a serviceable bottom 4 defensemen. Tippit and Borgstrom are mid-to-late 1st round picks who haven't exactly delivered on their potential, are probably AHL players - especially Borgstrom.

Yet, MTL would lose Tatar who's on pace for 70+ points, Gallagher who's cemented himself as a 30 goal scorer, and Danault who came 7th last year in Selke voting and looking to match or improve that this year.

If Montreal is actually selling their first line, they would need picks, and more than one A prospect</div></div>

Fair argument on all points except for Tipet. Rookie year in AHL and shouldnt be labelled a bust just yet considering the decent season he's having.

I don't know how these prospects will pan out in all honesty, but they're ranked in the top 5 of FLA's prospect pool.

But my main objective is to create cap space to sign Barzal, Dubois and Anderson. I want to acquire a legit 1-2 punch down the middle and build around that. Hence the reason why I'm also acquiring young prospect wingers, that hopefully some of them click with MB and PLD and can grow together. It's all a gamble in the end. We have enough picks, I prefer to get young A and B level prospects that I can experiment with immidiately.

There's no way I'm resigning Gally and TT. They'll be way too old by the time this team contends for a cup with the philosophy of this management.