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Mar 14, 2019
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Sep 15, 1999
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Trevor31lv</b></div><div>I think there's 2 things I tend to do when evaluating this team's future.

A) Over stress about the 2022 offseason and worrying about having everyone resigned and fitting it into the cap.
B) Undervalue internal improvement. While I expect players to get better, I basically haven't had any thought about things such as PLD developing into a star or PPG player, Tex rounding out his game to be a REAL 1st line winger that could play Robin, Bemstrom becoming a real threat (almost counting him out at this point cause he seems to struggle in this system. Though the same happened to Bjorky and look at him now). Obviously not all these young guys are gonna turn into stars, but I'm kinda discounting how high the ceiling for some of them is.</div></div>

2) some options will have to be made. I think players like Savard, Murray, Folingo and Nash will have to either take a discount to stay or will get moved. We will also have to decide, Korpisalo or Merzlinkins and go with a cheaper backup. Also if that’s the contract Anderson wants he can go, no need to overpay him (tbh I bet he’s gone anyways) all of that will open up a good amount of cap space for players.

B) players will develop, torts has a structured defence and the go to is the dump and chase, but he also lets players run with it if they have the skating lanes. I think with a little more confidence players will tend to hold onto the puck more through the neutral zone, they won’t just dump and forcheck. With adding the 2nd line center we can move Jenner down to the correct line for him, instead of putting him as the 2nd line center.

C) the only thing I’d be concerned about is the PP it’s been so bad, we really need to get a better puck mover out there, I was hoping Nyquist would be that but he hasn’t been.
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