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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hobo</b></div><div>I am trying to figure out how someone calls Toffoli's numbers an outlier - LOL It's not like he has been in the league for 1 season - there is some previous years to give you an indication of what he can do. I mean 344pts in 577 games works out to just shy of 49pts per 82 games.

Many leaf fans want to see someone's head on a stake for the years and years of poor playoff performances - Marner is the whipping boy right now - everyone wants to move him, but many are unwilling to accept what may be value or what the team needs in return for him.</div></div>

Toffoli seasons is 100% an outlier. This is not saying is he bad. Toffoli is never finishing better than 7th in league scoring or touching (on pace) 44 goals in an 82 game season. Toffoli was on pace for almost 70 points this year, that is an outlier for a career 49 in 82.

This not being Marner's value is also because I hate Anderson's contract, he is an injury prone, flukey winger who is also hasn't been a good playoff performer. Hasn't done **** since game 1 on the whole playoffs. He also doesn't fit Toronto's style, we don't play on the rush, Josh Anderson is ONLY good on the rush. Kapanen is a great example of someone who plays heavily on the rush who performed much better on a rush playing team.

Also it doesn't matter how much the media ****s on him, GMs still know the value of a consistent 90 point player even if he has disappointed the last 3 playoffs. (Also on a cheap salary) (Salary is not caphit because of signing bonuses)
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