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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DeadWingsv2</b></div><div>Detroit can hit the cap floor just fine without taking on players that don't help us. Kapanen is redundant and nothing special, we'd take him for free, but we're sure as hell not paying for him. Pettersson is a good fit and is where the 3rd would go for. I don't think he's a cap dump either, but Pittsburgh brass seems to according to recent reports and a 3rd is more than generous due to that. Detroit is not looking to move on from Veleno or Zadina. Zadina has had a slow development, leading to BS speculation, but he has done things the right way and Detroit is not giving up on him. People calling him a bust are just ignorant - The guy had his first 2 seasons during a global pandemic and Blashill HORRIBLY mismanaged him. He still has a very high ceiling, and we are not giving up on him without at least giving him a full season with a new coach, proper usage and consistent line mates to show what he really is.</div></div>

thats fair about Zadina, as i said a depth player in exchange could be better. Maybe a PKer bottom 6 guy for Kappy who you could sign and see how he does, i think for a detroit team looking to take the next step he would be a good speed addition to your bottom 6 for pretty cheap. Seems like a low risk high reward situation to me. If he stinks, trade him or just let him walk in FA. Zadina I just heard detroit was pretty low on but as you said that is probably just BS. I do believe he has a much higher level to reach yet. The same ppl who say Zadina is a bust are the same on here in the pens fan base saying Petterson is a cap dump, they dont watch hockey 40 games a season let alone know what theyre talking about. Just over reacting to another first round exit cuz they are spoiled and arent used to or know the luck involved with playoff hockey.
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