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17 year old hockey fanatic, goalie, and occasional writer.
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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 26, 2019 at 2:07
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>brenfox31</b></div><div>I just put him to fill the spot, it could be any RW. Maybe someone like Thornton who will retire after the season, IDK. Just need someone on a rental IMO.

Not to mention we could trade them at the TDL for assets if we don't have a good position</div></div>

This team looks familiar!!! I like it and agree with your comments. I'm fine with Simmonds. Maybe to <a href="/users/ChiHawk" target="_blank">@ChiHawk</a> 's could be a lesser cap hit? I just think the Hawks could use some physicality. I believe he'll take a 1 year term which is also pretty big in the grand scheme. Who knows, maybe he shines in getting another shot?!?! He's pretty decent defensively and takes heat in front of the net. With AA likely being traded...who else besides Toews does that on the Hawks team?

I think Gus will EITHER extend reasonably...2 year term $4M range. Or he gets traded. Stan went out on a limb for him giving that 2 year $1.2M deal. Even this site has most comments saying that was a bad signing. I personally want to play Slater more. He didn't get much time on this team, but somehow was still the on positive side for Corsi/Fenwick. For the amount of shots the Hawks gave up...that's kinda impressive overall. I'm happy Stan signed him. As for Forsling. I think it's time to trade him. Forsling has more upside than Slater, but that's what makes him tradable. We have a ton of D prospects far better than Forsling. Allow Forsling to grow someplace else.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 26, 2019 at 5:19
<a href="/users/brenfox31" target="_blank">@brenfox31</a> -- You are on the right track as far as I'm concerned. On the few rosters I put together I also had Elliott for 2/2.0 -- that's a totally reasonable deal if you are trading Allen and just makes a ton of sense. It's not nostalgia, just a cheap contract for a guy that can bridge the gap until the next set of goaltenders is ready for the big show.

Not every FA signing has to be flashy. I'm totally fine with Stralman, but I wonder if the Blues don't just pull Gunnarsson back for 1-2 years and $1MM less AAV. It seems like the people on this forum have forgotten how important depth is -- did we not use Gunnarsson, Bortuzzo, and even MDZ a fair bit this last year? We need at least 7 defensemen we can count on for the coming year, ideally 8...maybe Reinke is one of those, but dude has played in 1 NHL game two seasons ago. Let's pump the brakes. Pietrangelo, Dunn, JBo, Parayko, Edmundson, Bortuzzo, Stralman/Gunnarsson, and probably Reinke as the last guy in.

Personally I'd only go 1 year on Fabbri. Your number looks right. I don't think the guy above saying Fabbri doesn't return unless he takes "league min" realizes his minimum QO is $971,250 -- call it $1MM. You are giving him an extra year and another $250k. I think Fabs would take $1.25 for one year but I doubt he'd bite on that for two -- probably would need to bump to $1.5MM. If you don't want to pay Fabbri $1MM then fine, trade his rights (though I think that's awfully silly, might as well kick the tires for that price).
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I'd just like to thank everyone for such an awesome season. I've had a great time playing the GM Game these past three seasons, but I'm sad to announce that having achieved my life goal of leading the Vancouver Canucks all the way to the Stanley Cup, I will be stepping down from the GM Game. I'll be sticking around on Twitter and I'm happy to give advice to anyone who wants it.

Thanks for all the good times,
TonyStrecher - V1 Rangers, V2 Canucks, V3 Champions
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