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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheEarthmaster</b></div><div>Dunn is pretty easily our best LHD and- hot take- he's our best defenseman not named Alex Pietrangelo. People like to hold up that he plays primarily third pairing minutes, but we roll our pairings relatively even compared to most teams (that third pairing was mostly Dunn-Faulk this year) and he also gets a lot of starts with Pietrangelo, as well as QB'ing the second PP, which was actually more productive than our first unit this year. The last three years, Dunn was 11th, then 6th, then 3rd in goals above replacement and was 11th, 6th, and then 4th in wins above replacement. He will also be decently cheap this year since he's an RFA with no leverage and the cap didn't rise. For what he brings to the table, anything below 3 will be an absolute steal.

Dude has just been getting better and better and better. He's excellent at both ends of the ice and can QB a PP, a special teams we've struggled with recently before this year. I honestly believe he should untouchable (Which I know is probably not what you want to hear).</div></div>

yeah not really what i want to hear :-) but at least you give some good piece of information , thanks.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sicarius</b></div><div>

To the OP, the reason most people believe Dunn will be signed for cheap (close to 3m or less) is because he’s a RFA with no arbitration rights. His contract doesn’t devalue his importance. He simply has no leverage.

Dunn is worth a mid 1st rd pick.</div></div>

thanks for the value . you are the second who said that today .
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