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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daredevil514</b></div><div>The classic "Hey here's a bunch of stuff I found in the back of my garage, maybe we can trade for your Ferrari!"

This is why we look so bad on this site. Let's break it down.

Domi as a fair value, he is a 50-60 pts winger but very inconsistent and will ask for a lot of money

I think Juulsen is a very good player but with his injuries, his value is about 0 or maybe he could fetch another player with an obscur futur like Ho-Sang.

Mcshane has maybe a 5-10% chance of playing a game in the NHL one day. He's a C prospect nothing more.

Byron just started what appears to be a pretty bad contract and showed big signs of regression over the past 2 years + a lot of injuries too. He basically have négative value right now execpt for a rebuilding team with cap space looking for leadership. Even then, nobody would give you anything special.

While Norlinder is a very good prospect, he is still an overager 3round pick. Its to early in his career to know for sure he will be a stud. His value probably increased since drafted but he isnt a top prospect.

Point made, if you want a player as good as Barzal at his age, it should involve top prospects and 1st round picks or mutliple valuable roster players.</div></div>

Yet you take time to write this much.

Who f-ing care. Let people enjoy the tools this site provides.

The post is acceptable fan outlet.

You feeling the need to feel superior by making corrections is the only actual issue here.

Hope you feel better, Douche-bag.
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