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Thread: Miller trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Burnout</b></div><div>Are you arguing the Rangers return for McDonagh was good? Or just ignoring the part were I said "unless we're talking about a guy with very small cap hit that can fit into a contenders core for multiple cup runs".

I don't know why you think there wouldn't be a bigger market for one of the most productive players in the NHL over the last 3 seasons in the offseason, especially when that guy plays center and can go up against the other times best players consistently. I get that Rangers fans view of Miller may be coloured by his play before he got to Vancouver, but the rest of us aren't. He'd be a 1C upgrade for over two thirds of the league easily. He's not a guy that you bring in to complement a pre-existing contending core, he's a guy you add to a core because you need a high end C to contend and think he's your guy.</div></div>

Nothing to do with how "good" the return was for McD...what I'm saying is that TBL would have had to fork over less if they waited until that upcoming summer...and the 1st round pick + which NJ and SJ got from TBL at that TDL- that return would have been less over that summer.

My reasoning here has nothing to do with negativity towards Miller because he's an ex Ranger. He is a real good player. His career has taken off since he left NY (and TB)...and he is about to become insanely rich for his efforts- and well deserved! My comments are 100% from a standpoint of what I think a typical market will bare. VAN should receive a big return if they move him...but in a usual market (all it does take is 1 team to really change this) the best return would have been at this past TDL

Hey...we're obviously not seeing eye to eye here- nothing wrong with that.
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