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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 9:39 am
Thread: Eichel Trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jimbo1119</b></div><div>Way too much to give w/o definitive medical info available that the PT Eichel is going through will get Eichel past his neck issue and ready to play Day 1 next year...And if such very positive, verified medical info does become available, this package probably gets beat because another team will offer a roster player which presents BUF a better situation than Strome (younger, higher ceiling, and not in need of contract in a year)...just my opinion here

In reality, though- while I understand medical issues involve all sorts of privacy concerns- if the PT was really going well, I'm sure that news would be out- so I'm guessing that something beyond PT will be required- hence the basis of the disconnect between Eichel and BUF. Unless there is reason to believe NYR (and NYR doctors) would take a different position than BUF, shipping out a boatload of current and future talent- for the right to inherit the same argument versus Eichel- would be beyond reckless....no way is Drury gonna do this.</div></div>

Its such a tangle right now, and im sure that is what eichels agent is shooting for. From what i understand, eichel wanted the surgery and said as much, the sabres medical team advised against it, eichel and his agent pursued a third party opinion, who sided with the team against the surgery. There is NO way that he is going to do his prescribed physical therapy and issue some kind of mea culpa because it worked, and we all live happily ever after. I dont know how sincere his desire for this surgery is, but it seems pretty clear that the longer he makes it an issue, the more difficult it is for the team. If they can drag this out until next off season, the nmc comes into play. I think its fair to say that the independent medical team that suggested against surgery should make a request by eichels team to have his contract nullified, that should not be considered reasonable. I think he plays for the sabres next year, at least for the first part, just to show he is healthy. Of course, he could really drag his feet, which makes it worse. I kind of hope if he does that, that the sabres just say 'screw it, you are staying until your contract runs out'.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 18 at 11:33