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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsRafiki</b></div><div>In short order, no I don't think he cares (much) about Calgary, though he wouldn't be doing this exercise if he wasn't trying to make it easy for CGY. As for leaving money on the table, absolutely he cares about that. He's a pro hockey player and the son of a pro hockey player. It's ALL ABOUT the money. Gaudreau admitted he blew it by taking the Flames to the wire. Had he made it clear a few months ago that he would go the the market, there are teams that would have asked to trade for his negotiation rights. He would have been able to secure an 8-year deal for a lot more money. Instead, he ended up with just two offers — NJ and Columbus — that were both well below the $10.5 x 8 that Calgary reportedly offered. He said he has no regrets, but acknowledged that his indecision cost him a fortune. And I don't know your financial situation, but I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't give a sh*t about leaving $15M on the table.</div></div>

It's not all about the money. If that's all Chucky cared about he'd sign a 8 year 10M+ offer from Calgary. They could likely offer him the most money out of everyone. Chucky not wanting to resign and Strickland saying he wants St.Louis shows it's not about the money. Strickland is very connected to the Tkachuk family. He was the first one to call BS on the Tkachuk package for Eichel when Weekes said it. Anything he says regarding Tkachuk is not bs.

Johnny G was literally offered 8x10.5M and turned it down to take 7x9.75M from Columbus. That's 16M less. If money was the most important thing he would've just taken the offer from Calgary.
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