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Does it really matter? I doubt Joe would trade Nate for Jack nor would Jason trade Jack for Nate. I will say that I only got to watch Nate in the playoffs last year and he was quite impressive. Let me close by adding, only last year did Jack start to play a 200 foot game. I do not know what was holding him back, maybe his captain who lost his love of the game was showing Jack how collect a paycheck without working?
<a href="/users/MikeyThePensFan" target="_blank">@MikeyThePensFan</a> Great post, one of the best conversation starters I have seen.
<a href="/users/CD282" target="_blank">@CD282</a> How dare you use statistics to make your point! That is out of line in a discussion based on opinions. TBH, I did not expect that to be the case either, thanks for sharing.
<a href="/users/Leafboy101" target="_blank">@Leafboy101</a> Actually rated just about correct in previous years, never considered one of the elite NHL forwards.
<a href="/users/CapFriendlysFinest" target="_blank">@CapFriendlysFinest</a> Jack has played on even worse teams than Nate, and the AVS have gone to the playoffs three time in Colorado, so obviously there were good players around him at that time.
<a href="/users/Ledge_And_Dairy" target="_blank">@Ledge_And_Dairy</a> Yes, similar but Nate has had the better supporting cast his entire career, as the Avs made the playoffs 3 times in his career while the Sabres never did. If you want to look at a bad roster, check out Buffalo’s defense in 2016-‘17 Kulikov, Gorges, Fedun, Falk, and Franson all played more the 27 games..
<a href="/users/palhal" target="_blank">@palhal</a> Let’s not get an inferiority complex here. He has certainly played as a team leader this year. It is not only a Buffalo thing but any good player on a bad team usually gets ignored.
<a href="/users/bigZ98" target="_blank">@bigZ98</a> I agree, but Jack is also very good at making his wingers look good. Skinner gets his 40, Reinhart gets his 25, Pominville scored only 2 goals last year when he was not with Jack and does anyone not think that the quick passes Jack was making to Olofsson on the PP helped Viktor to be Rookie of the Month in October.
<a href="/users/Jambo" target="_blank">@Jambo</a> Yes, a good chance for an MVP is the Sabres can make the playoffs.
@ Eklund I agree, Nate has had a better supporting cast than Jack his entire career. As I said several times earlier, the Avs made the playoffs 3 times and the Sebres 0 times during their respective careers.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shibbal18</b></div><div>Connolly has well, would have been a hige improvement over Vesey. I wish he would stop taking flyers on guys that are cheap, like the current Galchenyuk rumors. Not that i dont want him, its just low risk for a guy whos struggled now on 3 franchises, cant say hes a lock for a top 6 wonger. Him and Mitts would make for the most disappointing 3rd line in the league though, so maybe that lights a fire</div></div>

TBH, I never thought Connolly would sign here, but you are correct he would have been a good signing. Considering how the Sabres finished last year, I sort of think there were not too many decent free agents who entertained offers from Buffalo.
I presume you are talking about Johansson, Vesey and Sheary as cheap.
I was really happy that the Sabres signed Johansson, as I had him pegged as the team's #2 center as soon as I heard of the deal.
I thought Sheary played about as well as I had expected and who would have played wing if we did not have him last year. You are correct maybe he expected more out of Sheary, but I was not unhappy to give up a 4th when the team only had Reinhart, Okposo and Rodrigues as possible top 9 wingers (Skinner was added 2 months later).
Vesey was a good trade and he adds PK depth (unfortunately our PK really is bad this year). I expected more scoring but he may have found his groove now.
Finally, Galchenyuk has hardly struggled in his career. He has been remarkably consistent, especially if one removes his 30 goal season in '15-'16. If we did pick up Chucky, I would put him on the top line and move Reinhart to RW with Johansson and Skinner. Chucky is not Sampson but over the last 5 years (including this dismal year) he has only 12 fewer goals and 29 fewer points, and he has never played for a center as Jack.
Considering Betterall had so much junk to unload and so few assets to start (no extra picks and one of the worse prospects pools in the NHL), it is amazing that the team is in second place after finishing dead last just 18 months ago.
I know you do not appreciate Betterall as much as I do, but look at the Rochester roster for evidence of his capabilities. Eight of the top nine scorers are his additions, and they are in second place in the north division. Remember they missed the playoffs every year Murray was the GM and he blamed Regier for not drafting well.
When he took over the Sabres we had 2 reliable NHL defensemen, McCabe and Ristolainen (here the list who were on that team: Casey Nelson, Brady Austin, Brendan Guhle, Erik Burgdoerfer, Dmitri Kulikov, Josh Gorges, Taylor Fedun, Justin Falk, Zach Bogosian, Cody Franson, that is a sad assortment of defensemen). Now we even have 2 ex NHL defensemen in Rochester (Redmond and Gilmour) who are better than at least 8 from that collection.
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Thread: 3 Trades
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mhockey91</b></div><div>Scandella is having a good season, but Historically, Jugs has been better over the last few seasons</div></div>

I really like RHC, and Jugs may be the right one for the Sabre.
I may be a dreamer, but with the sort of season Scandella is having, Betterall will want more.
I was a bit more optimistic than the hockey prognosticators when they predicted an 80 pt season for the Sabres, but I did not think they would be in second place in mid December.
I think Betterall will want future assets returned for Scandella at the TDL, or he may not trade him all and keep him for a playoff run. At the moment Buffalo is far from being desperate for forwards scoring. They have more goals than EDM and only 3 less than PIT or TML. The team played well during their 1-7-2 stretch and had terrible "puck -luck", but they seem to have turned the corner now 5-2-3 with wins over the Leafs, Blues, Oilers, and Panthers (all potential playoff teams) counted among those 5 wins.
IMO the Sabres need a good starting GK with Ullmark as back up instead of more 40 pt forwards as Chucky. They 4-6 in the extra time games this year. If they could have picked up 2 more wins they would be in a solid 2nd place Atlantic standing. I think Betterall likes have 8 NHL quality defensemen on the roster.
But just to be clear, let me close, I think the talent exchange of Miller for Galchenyuk is very fair, but not what the Sabres need now.
Finally, considering Chucky was the major piece in the Kessel deal, I sort of think the PEN's will be hesitant to move him for Miller.
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Thread: 3 Trades
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jdfitz77</b></div><div>I agree with making room for younger players,
But Bonino isn’t all that good (35pt player, meh)
And would conceivable take up Cozens spot at Center next year

But if we were trading for a guy like Ehlers, or even a Center of his quality, then I’d be all for it

It’s been 6 years since Bonino has scored 20goals
He’s not the 2C we are looking for

Johansson &gt; Bonino, Bujugstad, etc etc

If we are making a trade...
let’s get the best player possible regardless of forward position
Bc we are still building a team for the future, not this year

Skinner-Johansson-Ehlers, looks a lot better to me than...

And then NEXT season...
And then we slot Ehlers with Mittelstadt on line3

That’s how u build a championship contender imo</div></div>

I think I said we disagreed with Bonino, so you are correct. I guess adding an extra year of Bonino over Sheary makes that a bad deal.
BTW, I really like Sheary and only looking to add a center in place of him, but you are correct adding Bonino could easily stifle the growth of Cozens and Thompson.
Johansson is an incredibly smart hockey player, I was and even more now shocked that he signed only a 2 year contract with Buffalo. He is worth his entire salary and maybe a bit more.
BTW, what do you think the Sabres would need to offer to land Ehlers.
Lastly, I agree, a championship is built slowly not rushed trying to achieve a playoff team in one year.
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 28, 2019 at 4:39
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jdfitz77</b></div><div>The problem imo with a lot of the teams ppl put together on here is that they lose sight of the overall goal...

And that is to build a team that can be a legit Championship Contender for years

Sure, in one regard trading Sheary for Bonino may make sense for us now (and i stress “maybe” bc I’m not a big Bonino fan at all)... but EXACTLY HOW does that type of trade move us towards our REAL GOAL?

Ppl on here are just impatient, looking for a quick fix
But this team is still a work in progress

Acquiring players with term left on their deals doesn’t make room guys like Cozens, etc
And it takes up slots where we could bring in a potential difference maker with all the Cap Space we will have in the

And again...
idk how much adding guys that are “decent” really helps us anyways?

Making trades for the sake of trades isn’t moving us in the direction of a Championship contender

And that should be the goal

Don’t need to rush things...
“trust the process”

And to answer your question about what I’d do...
NOTHING right now
We are 8-2-1
If a trade presents itself where we can add a “Core Player” that can help now, AND GOING FORWARD...
that’s when you pull the trigger

For example:
Getting someone like Ehlers from the Jets

But not Bonino, etc etc
Those guys don’t move the needle
Let’s not pretend they’d be difference makers for us
And let’s not spend assets on “rentals” on guys like Toffoli either (who i also don’t think is very good anymore)</div></div>

Very complete answer.
I think we agree. I definitely did not like the Toffoli and I only liked the trades moving UFA's for picks but a center would be more valuable than a LW.
You and I disagree with Bonino, but we appear to agree with making room for young players. Or did I mis read your comment.
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 25, 2019 at 12:13
<a href="/users/BigDog91" target="_blank">@BigDog91</a> I like your thought process of moving UFA’s for future assets.
Bonino for Sheary is a great idea of moving a LW (a position that Buffalo has depth Skinner, Olofsson, Vesey and even Johansson) for a player who fills a position that needs help Center.
Vesey and Sobotka could return 3rds if Vesey could find some goals by the TDL even more, Sobotka probably only a 4th, but I like your idea.
OK, let me go out on a limb here, if Scandella continues to play as he has, he could bring back a 2nd (he is on pace for 15 goals) and if a team is close to the playoffs and there are not many scoring LHD on the market, who knows what he will bring back. Same with Bogosian if he can demonstrate that he has recovered from his surgery a RHD seems to be valued very high at the TDL.
I commented on Toffoli below and finally, I really hope Ristolainen is only traded for a huge return, he is still playing 24 a game for his 4 coach.

<a href="/users/Shibbal18" target="_blank">@Shibbal18</a> I would like to add Toffoli, but I agree that Asplund would fit better in the Sabres future than Toffoli (a replacement for Girgensons or Larsson at half the price). As mentioned he is a UFA and I think Betterall will not be trading picks for short term incremental improvements.

<a href="/users/Skyraider112" target="_blank">@Skyraider112</a> You are correct that the team has certainly jelled, but moving UFA’s for future assets (when there may be young replacements in the Juniors or AHL) is a good plan.

<a href="/users/Swagmaster" target="_blank">@Swagmaster</a> I agree, IMO Thompson or Cozens (or both) may be ready at the TDL. Let’s not trade for Toffoli.

<a href="/users/Sabresforlife" target="_blank">@Sabresforlife</a> I think I would rather have Montour. He was the Sabres best defensemen the 20 games he played with the team last year.

<a href="/users/Jdfitz77" target="_blank">@Jdfitz77</a> Well some are not great, but the over all the idea of moving UFA’s for future assets is a good plan. IMO the plan above just needs some tweaking. Do you have any thoughts on ways moving out the UFA's and making room for Bogosian, Montour, Thompson and Cozens?