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Thread: Andrew Peeke
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Thread: Sabres
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Skyraider112</b></div><div>Lets say in an alternate reality Cale Makar and Josh Manson were both LHD playing the right side. That would make 5 LHD and 1 RHD. You don't think they would have been good enough to still win the Cup, even if all that changes is the handedness of two of their D-men?</div></div> <a href="/users/Shibbal18" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Shibbal18</a> I am not surprise that you would agree with such an outlandish comment, but <a href="/users/Skyraider112" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Skyraider112</a> you are much smarter than this to ignore facts.
Sure you can have any alternate reality you want but Makar and Manson were both RHD.
The fact is the last five Stanley cup winners played with effectively 3 RHD.
Dream on all you want, make up any stories you want, pretend the last five cup winners did not have 3 RHD, ignore all of the facts, make up your own alternative facts.

Now let me try to explain to you WHY coaches want 3 RHD and 3LHD.
In the defensive zone, when a defenseman is on his off side, he needs to use a back hand to clear the zone, or use his fore hand to shoot the puck behind the net and attempt to clear out the opposite wing.
I have watched enough hockey to know, when when a defenseman tries to clear the puck by wrapping around the boards, it inevitably ends up on the attackers stick at the point.
I hope you have noticed how often this maneuver fails.

When a defenseman playing his off hand in on the point he needs to collect the puck on his back hand then transfer it to his fore hand to make a play.
Let me remind you of the Vegas game.
Jack Eichel was playing the left point, his off hand side.
When Tuch charged the point, even a player as talented as Jack could not control the puck and Tuch was able to steal it, rush down the ice and seal the victory with an empty net goal.

Please stick to the facts and ignore your alternative universe, coaches prefer to have 3 LHD and 3 RHD.

<strong>FINALLY to answer your ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE.</strong>
While Colorado won the series in 6 games two of them were OT, "That would make 5 LHD and 1 RHD. You don't think they would have" lost both of those OT games?
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Thread: Sabres
<a href="/users/Skyraider112" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Skyraider112</a>
<a href="/users/Shibbal18" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Shibbal18</a>

First, a defenseman playing his off hand is vulnerable to strong forechecking because he has to use his back hand to advance the puck or shoot the puck behind the net increasing the likely hood an attacker will collect the puck.
Second, when playing the point he has to use his back hand to stop the puck from leaving the zone when a puck is shot around the boards.
Third, replay Tuch's empty net goal v Vegas. Eichel could not keep the puck in the zone and was embarrassed surrendering the puck so easily as he was on his back hand.

I only did the last five years of cup winners.
Remember last year all four finalists had balanced LHD with RHD.
NHL head coaches are a lot smarter than I, the winning coaches seem to like to have balanced defenses.

2022 Colorado 3 LDH 3 RHD

2021 Tampa 3 LHD 3 RHD

2020 Tampa 3 LHD 3 RHD

2019 St. Louis 3 LHD 3 RHD

All balanced defensemen.

2018 Washington 4 LHD 2 RHD
But Carlson and Niskanen played 51 minutes per game so the RHD played nearly a full game.
Include the 5 minutes that Orlov, Kempny, and Orpik played the PP, Washington only played 4 minutes per game with two LHD.

But you can do the additional research to find a team that had one RHD.
Five years is sufficient to make my point.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>worldwidesensei</b></div><div>Iafallo, while certainly a better player than Asplund is now, I don't think he will be in 3 years when BUF is expecting to be a contender. Plus, he only has 4 years remaining on his contract. Asplund may be the next player to sign for 7 years. BUF needs another Asplund, they don't need to get rid of one. And this isn't even mentioning ALL of the forwards we have coming up the ranks. We've got veteran wingers.

By trading Samulesson, you have effectively gone from Dahlin as #1RD, to.....Boosh?!!!! That is a major, major, major downgrade. For what? A 3rd pairing D-man. No thanks. Power and Dahlin will each be on the ice for 25 minutes a night. The 3rd pairing guy just needs to be out there for 10 minutes. Someone who can handle PK would be preferable.

Also, why is Hino on the 2nd line. He's in the press box if Quinn and/or Peterka are up.

And, I don't get the Pilut talk. Unless he has drastically improved (all signs point to him not improving), he is an AHL'er. Bryson is way better.</div></div> Great observations.
First, when the team was healthy, the Sabres finished the 2021-'22 season 16-9-3 for 35 pts in 28 games, or 103 pts over an 82 game season.
Adding Lyubushkin, Comrie and Power while upgrading the RHD and LW, I do not think the Sabres will need to wait 3 years to compete.
GF may increase by 30 - 40 and the GA fall by even more if Comrie/Anderson/Luukkonen can stay healthy.
Second, I agree Asplund has demonstrated a scoring touch in the past, but he over his NHL career he has 16 goals in 136 games, Iafallo has 71 goals over 361 games.
I know Rasmus has been a strong defender, but so is Alex.
Alex was raised just 20 minutes from Key Bank Center, I would hope he could provide a similar bump that Tuch did.
Third, Johnson is rated to have a higher upside than Samuelsson, if this is the case, trading Samuelsson may improve the chances of signing Ryan.
Fourth, Durzi is also a strong defender, just not as physical as Mattias, but his 27 points would have ranked second to only Dahlin among the Sabres D-men.
Finally, Quinn is on the third line to take the pressure off of him to produce and over his last 79 games Hinostroza has 17 goals.

Perhaps I am a bit optimistic and you are correct.
You do not need to worry, Blake would never accept this trade as it is heavily tilted in favor of the Sabres.
Let's agree to disagree and hope Asplund can find his goal scoring touch.

<strong>EDIT in 3 years, Asplund will have to work really hard to find a spot in the line up with Kisakov, Rosen, Paltapov, Savoie, Kulich, Ostlund, Rousek and Nadeau in the pipeline</strong>
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Only an unreconstructed Sabre homer would think that Iafallo isn't the best player in this exchange. The fact that he's significantly older than the other three players in this deal is offset by the fact that age is the only way you get experience and Iafallo's defensive prowess would cancel out Olofsson's noted defensive deficiencies. (I'd play them on the same line.)

Durzi is 10+ months younger than Asplund and less than 18 months older than Samuelsson, who has less experience (albeit both are small samples) and a far lower offensive upside than Durzi. Nevertheless, I would probably exchange the two if a one-for-one offer was made and Sean Walker wasn't going to be ready for the start of the season. The other half of this exchange is a no-go for Los Angeles.</div></div> While many ACGM's think the Leafs over value their players, it is obvious all of the Sabre comments feel the Sabre's are over paying.
I completely agree with your assessment, the Kings lose this trade by a wide margin.
Durzi or Samuelsson, one offers strong offense, the other physical defense.
Iafallo or Asplund, it is a joke to compare the two. Both offer strong defense, but only Iafallo has provided offense.
I knew this trade greatly favored the Sabres, and strongly believe Iafallo would be a great addition as he was raised 20 minutes from Key Bank Center.
As you can see by the title, I expected those comments from Sabre fans but I also expected more from King fans similar to yours.
It is interesting that Johnson while unsigned is considered by several sights a better LHD than Samuelsson, but the Sabre fans are willing to trade him and not Mattias.
Buffalo has ample depth at LHD bit needs RHD, from your comment it appears the Kings have the reverse situation.
While you would hate this trade, I would pine for it as it helps Buffalo balance RHD with LHD and gives the Sabres veteran LW leadership.
Thank you for your comment.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Skyraider112</b></div><div>I will be staying in Kenmore and will have a rental car so I can drive wherever. Idk about price range, probably in the $25 bucks range for a meal. Which buildings would you say have the best architecture in Buffalo? I have a couple places on my list to see but would be willing to add a few more spots.</div></div> Frank Lloyd Wright called The Darwin Martin House on Jewett Avenue his Opus.
https://martinhouse.org/ <strong>125 Jewett Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14214</strong>
They provide hourly tours, I found if you ask really probative questions of a committed docent, you can stretch that to a two hour tour, LOL.
Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts took time to tour the complex when they were here in 2015.
I would recommend a tour even if Mick and Jagger did not go there.

The Trinity Episcopal Church, <strong>389 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY</strong> Is one of two Churches in the world to have stained glass windows designed by Tiffany and his teacher LaFarge.
I cannot recommend this too highly, IMO it is a must if the church is open.
This is a gem we literally stumbled upon recently as it is not well advertised.

Just up the street is the Wilcox Mansion where Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as President of the USA.
Ansley Wilcox Mansion / Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site / <strong>641 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY</strong>

The now closed Buffalo Psychiatric center on Elmwood Avenue, was converted to an upscale hotel. While there are tours, a drive by is still worth the time.
400 Forest Ave, Buffalo, NY 14213

The Anchor Bar is a must if you are a wings fan as they were invented here in 1964.
1047 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14209
They have a love Jazz Band most weekends.

Since you are only here a couple of days, that is enough.
Remember people travel from all over the world to see Niagara Falls, IMO it is a must see.
Of course, my wife and I would love to show you our city.
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