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Thread: Next Year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dmh1055</b></div><div>From what I am looking at rather than buying out JVR he could still be shipped off for Zaitsev. I'm not sure Ottawa would include a pick with Zaitsev though. The Flyers prize is some cap relief this year and still having a player they could use. Zaitsev would be a bit of an insurance policy on Ellis helping keep the team afloat if he gets injured again or ends up not even being healthy since that is still in question. I like that idea.

I also still like using the additional cap space to help acquire Holl and a 1st round pick. We all like Fedotov but it is possible he's not ready and Mrazek ends up being a nice backup option.

As far as LW goes, Lindblom is a possible buyout option so I'm not sure I'm ready to consider him the 2nd best LW on the team. Noah Cates proved in my opinion that he's a responsible 3rd line LW that can likely score 15 to 20 goals next season. Desnoyers would be a very young player but he would be the playmaking winger you're thinking of so I'd like to see him have the opportunity to make it. The other LW that is not being mentioned is Scott Laughton. He can fill any hole on that side rather than being the 4th line center. Ratcliffe also looked good as a 4th line LW in his short stint so I'd be fine with him getting a look there. If Laughton moves to LW that opens the 4th line center spot to a veteran like Patrick Brown or to Zayde Wisdom or Tanner Lacynski.

Fletcher looks bad because of the injuries. You are right. He was aggressive last offseason and it should have been good. But now, he needs to be patient and see if Ellis can be healthy. Any other big UFA signing will have minimal effect on the team's fortunes if Ellis can't be healthy at all. This is what makes Zaitsev a worthwhile risky addition for the team.</div></div>

Agree on the Zaitsev, something I'ver posted on here many times before.

I think alot of posters think that we'll retain 50% on JVR for nothing back, when it cost similar amount to put him in the minors. He has some value, but I expect, like you, he'll be dealt for an equally bad spare part (Zaitsev from OTT, Hoffman from MTL, Kassian from EDM, etc...)
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Thread: Next Year
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