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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>frgsn</b></div><div>Thanks for the detailed response.
I was under the impression that the Flyers may be looking to move on from Provorov, so a trade for Sandin could make sense for them. Hirvonen wouldn't have to be the add on piece either, could be another asset with similar value. I just think that Sandin and a 1st are a strong foundation for a fair trade.</div></div>

Maybe, but Sandin is playing 16 minutes a game in his 4th pro season (even with Left defenders Reilly, Muzzin missing alot of time), so its a leap to think that Sandin is a Provorov replacement, (who has played 19+ since his draft yr) and if Provorov goes, its probably York at 1LD, Sanheim at 2LD, so Sandin is likely still 3LD in that scenario.

Its also based on now, and Koneckny is at an apex of value, and PHI has no need/want to trade him, so a buyer has no leverage to ask for a "fair trade". Hes 25 yrs old, signed cheaply for 3 seasons, scoring at a ppg, on a team that cant score and is missing 2 of its top 6 forwards. So firstly, PHI would need HUGE over payment and SECONDLY they'd want what they want/need, not just what Leafs offer.

For all the projections, a prospect or a pick is just a prospect until/IF he develops, Robertson/Robbie Earl/Carlo Cola being perfect examples, so Hirvonen/Niemala/Knies MIGHT be a Koneckny, they might be better, but they also might never be a Koneckny, especially one as good as hes playing right now. So the idea of PHI trading a great contract of a young (and playing amazing) guy for futures, would need alot of futures.

PHI is playing a ton of young guys and have a strong prospect pipeline, so while theyd be crazy not to add to it, theyd also have to be WOWed to trade a 25 yr old playing at a ppg, when hes exactly the type you build a team with (not around, but with).
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