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If I were to do a Ranking (For just the prospects), it would be:
1. Thomas Bordeleau
I don't think anyone expected this from him. Playing on a powerhouse like Michigan, with guys like Beniers, Johnson, Brisson, etc. and leading them in points is damn impressive. And even more than the points, he LOOKED like the best forward on the team. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I truly believe his ceiling is Brayden Point-like, where everyone's gonna wonder how in the world this guy fell to the 2nd round.
2. Tristen Robins
He was one of the most polarizing prospects in last years draft. He was general ranked as a 2nd round guy, but I know a lot of people had him in the top 20 based on his upside, and right now he's looking more like the top 20 guy. He's been one of the best players in the WHL so far. I would have it: 1. Bedard, 2. Krebs, 3. Guenther and then Robins at 4, and that's quite the list to be part of.
3. Ryan Merkley
Not gonna lie, I've been really disappointed with him, as have most Sharks fans, I'm sure. He still has all the talent, but he really needs to make the leap to the NHL level. Right now a bunch of his peers in the 2018 draft (Ty Smith, K'andre Miller, Rasmus Sandin) are seemingly way ahead of him in terms of development, and he needs to close that gap.
4. Ozzy Wiesblatt
I think this guy has the highest floor of any of the Sharks prospects, other than Bordeleau. He's such a smooth player, and is fantastic in transition. That means even if he doesn't reach the first-line heights we all want him to, he wouldn't look out of place in a top 6 role if he's got skilled linemates around him. He's had a really good start in the WHL as well, and I suspect being the only threat on an otherwise terrible Raiders team is limiting what he can do.
5. Artemi Knyazev
I've always been higher on him than I think most Sharks fans are, but it's for good reason. His offensive upside is insane, he's a good skater, and his defensive game is making strides as well. It wouldn't be shocking at all for me if he overtakes Merkley as the defensive prospect everyone is talking about from the Sharks organization come next year.
6. Daniil Gushchin
Another potential steal from the 2020 draft. Gushchin is having an incredible year in the USHL, with his ppg being at the same level as potential 1st round picks like Sillinger, Lucis, Pastujov and Coronato (granted he is a year ahead of them based on experience). His two-way game was his selling point but he's got a lot of offensive ability. I think it's safe to project him as a scoring third-liner whose a solid defender, but he's very much capable of blowing past that projection.
7. Ivan Chekhovich
This is probably the most frustrating player for me. He tore it up in the QMJHL a couple of years ago, then had a truly awful season in the AHL. Then this year he has an incredible rookie year in the KHL, comparable to some of the best Russian players that have successfully transitioned to the NHL, and now that he's back in the AHL he's a ghost. I say stick him on the 1st line on the Barracuda for the rest of the year, just to figure out once and for all if he has it or not
8. Jonathan Dahlen
Not exactly sure where I should've put him, but I decided to have him lower on the list just because I can't really even call him a prospect anymore. He's ripped the Allsvenskan apart for 2 straight years now, and it's painfully obvious he's on a different level than anyone in that league. He just needs to show he can do the same thing over here, and IMO the time for him is running out. TBH if he doesn't make the Sharks out of camp next year I'm probably out on him.
9. Alexei Melnichuk
I was super excited to get this guy, as a lot of people believed he would be a 1st round pick had he gone the draft route. He was solid in the KHL earlier on in the season, but his run with the Barracuda has been underwhelming, to say the least. He still has a bunch of time to pick up his play, but until then I'm gonna keep him relatively low on this list.
10. Brandon Coe
I really wish we could've been able to see another season of him in the OHL. Being in the bottom 6 on the Barracuda at this point in his career is doing him no favors. I still like his potential though, he's a big guy who knows how to use his body for defensive positioning, and I could definitely see him as a defensive specialist in the bottom 6.

As for the draft, I have different crushes based on where we would pick. If we somehow get into the top 5 I would be banging the table for Dylan Guenther or William Eklund. If we're between 6-10 I would probably want Kent Johnson the most. If we just miss the playoffs and end up 11-15 I'd be ecstatic to land Cole Sillinger, and if we do end up making the playoffs and pick in the late teens/twenties I'd probably look for a guy like Mason McTavish or Zachary L'Heureux.
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