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Thread: What to do
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>I'm not sold on the goaltending tandem either, but I could see Holland going with it. Skinner has been pretty good and he has a history of elevating his game in the playoffs.

Kulak has been fine in a 3rs pairing role, I don't have a problem bringing him back but only if Keith is moved as there's no cap space either. I don't like some of the Kulak contracts I'm seeing on this board either, so that's why I steered away on this AGM.

McLeod has been very good, especially vs Colorado. I agree he should move up, but Nuge has been hit-and -miss as a winger and I'd rather have McLeod as a pivot, so I placed them this way.

Part of the reason I put this together was to show that Barrie &amp; Foegele are not necessarily cap casualties this summer. Many Oilers fans have convinced themselves that these guys HAVE to go this summer and are using that line of thinking to justify giving them away for nothing. I wanted to show that that's absolutely not true and IF they're moved it'll be for FMV as Holland has the option of keeping both.

And the Soucy deal has the effect of reformatting the defense corps. This is a far greater change in composition than adding Kulak/deleting Barrie would.</div></div>


They will give Skinner some road and hopefully he is ready for full time NHL duty

The upper contract limit in my eyes for Kulak is $3M x 3yrs, would rather a $2.5M x 2-3yrs however UFA is silly season

RNH outside of the the Yam call-up stretch has been more miss than hit as a winger for sure which is too bad because I love Mcloed's speed and defensive capabilities in that 3 spot.

Barrie IF traded should net them a healthy return, have maintained this all year. I do truly see him being dealt but for a good return.
Foegele I'm not sure about, the chatter was him being shopped at the deadline. I'm guessing he goes for a roster player with less cap hit