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Forum: Armchair-GMJul 29 at 10:38
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 27 at 11:14
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>Given the expected top 5 pick in 2021 draft, I don't think they would offer sheet him either. But Yzerman did use the threat of publicly talking about an offer sheet to weaken a division rival only to sign another player. He also used that ploy against SJ for Karlsson. What's to say another GM won't do the same and drive down the cost of acquiring Serg? Remember Tampa has to shed salary somehow and has several players with NTC's. Johnson and Goude wouldn't waive them to come to Detroit or any other rebuilding club given their salary and Florida's tax treatment of that plus Tampa's Cup contention. If the offer sheet will come from a bottom of the draft team it's really like getting a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th that's what will drive down the price to acquire him--that's my point there.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>Detroit has no business making OS's when they could be trading the No.1 overall.</div></div>

You could make an argument that Sergachev could make this team much closer to playoff contention that the 1OA in 2021. It would definitely depend on what growth of Hronek, Seider, Zadina, and probably 1 more forward piece (either growth in a F, or trade/FA forward) for the 3rd line. I don't think DET would do it (and I think TBL would give up Cirelli to match an offer for Sergachev), but it's not out of the realm of possibility that DET would be significantly better with Sergachev.

Lindstrom or Biega as #7

It definitely deepens the D pool, and puts a true top line Dman on the team (Hronek I think will get to be a #2 guy eventually as well, but Sergachev is already there).
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 16 at 12:05
Of those, I think the only deal worthwhile is Sergachev. He's only 21, so you aren't trading a first-round pick for some 30 year old. Plus, he would immediately solidify the left side of the D (I'd actually pair him with Hronek, who is actually older than Sergachev). The first-round pick could be pretty high, but the team would be significantly better with Sergachev in the lineup, so you could be losing the 10-14th pick OA for a long term piece. Well worth the price for a guy that could be a #2 guy.

Cernak doesn't excite me much. He's a pretty good defensive dman, but he's not Vladdie, he's more of a #4 dman than a #2 dman (for the RHD, he's not better than Seider or Hronek). I know in this scenario he doesn't cost DET anything, but I don't think he's worth the trouble.

Cirelli is interesting because he's probably a 2C, but was playing 2.5C minutes (I think this was matchup related, but his 18 minute average is between 2C and 3C minutes) and opponents, so he was able to take advantage of weaker competition. If he actually had to play 2C minutes and competition, would he still score at a .65PPG rate? His on-ice shooting % is 15%, which accounts for his jump in points (a statistical outlier, league average is around 11%). Also, he would definitely need to improve his FO % (47.5% isn't very good). It's tough to say if this is a trend for him, or an outlier because he's only done it for 1 season (he was better at FO last year, but didn't score as much). He would most likely get a bridge deal from TBL with a chance to make much more money if his stats continue.