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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>In_it_to_winnik</b></div><div>You think they could get someone to take zucker? They have a lot of money tied up in the bottom 6. I just have always liked pettersson Marino as a pair, and don't think it would be that smart to break it up. I know how well that 3rd line has played though.

Forsberg has always intrigued me, but he seems like that type of goalie who just has good numbers on bad teams. I don't have real evidence to back it up, but some goalies have low expectations and do well

Jt Miller trade is decent, I don't see him going for as much as everyone is saying. Would be a great fit with Sid (but so is everyone)</div></div>

Thanks for the comment! I’ll answer each part.

1. I’m not sure someone will take Zucker unless he has a good playoff run which I think is possible. You could see him swapped for a D or traded with a pick for virtually nothing or bought out or kept if they can’t bring back a couple of the guys. I know that’s a lot of different scenarios but it’s hard to tell.

2. Forsberg is definitely a suspicious goalie to me. He’s 6’3” but plays super short in the net. He’s also reactionary rather than calm and stable. However, he twice beat Carolina with 40+ save performances, I believe and all three of Ottawas goalie have had 900+ save percentages since March 18th of last year! I’m willing to risk it due to it being success dating back to last year, as well. If not, how much worse can he be than DeSmith, not that he’s as bad as some people suggest, and hopefully he doesn’t need to play in the playoffs anyway!

3. I’d like to avoid getting rid of Pete so we can keep that pair but like you maybe alluded to, that forward line can be a game changer and I’d rather have four good lines and 5 good D than three good lines and 6 good D if that makes sense. And I also don’t think JT will go for as much as people say on here but I have to try to please the crowd to minimize the insults that I’ll get unfortunately lol. It’s tough to move a high salary guy in todays cap world and people tend to ignore that due to his point totals. I think he’d fit well with most of our centers and Sid especially. That would allow Jake to move to RW and Rust to play with Geno which has always been great! Interesting idea for sure