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Jul 3, 1998
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Thread: A New Day
Trade reasons:

Foglino to BOS clears cap room and gives MN an asset while giving Boston a replacemant for Nordstrom.
Dumont to EDM is just a random move.
Rask to OTT for Anisimov gives Kaprizov a teacher and is a swap of heavy contracts. Also gives OTT a player to expose in the Expansion Draft.
Trade back with MTL gives us an extra pick.
Trade back with TOR gives us an extra pick.
Trade back with NYR gives us a later pick.

Draft reasons:
1st round: Connor Zary(C). Good stick handling, fast, and a high goal/point scorer. Assuming Lundell and Rossi are off the board, he's the next best C available. Will fit in when Anisimov, Staal, and Koivu leave. Will head back to the WHL.
1st round(from PIT): Jermeie Poirer(D). Creates scoring plays, handles the puck well, and a solid scorer. Plays like a forward. MIN is a bit short on the LD side, so he's a solid piece for the future. Will head back to to the QMHJL.
2nd round: Pavel Novak(LW). High point scorer in the Czech and WHL with good hand skills. Can play both wing sides. Will head back to the WHL.
3rd round(from BOS): Ryder Rolston(RW). A bit of a reach for small sized forward, but has a speedy stick and a is good scorer. Commited to Notre Dame. (Also I watched his dad in MIN when I was growing up, so I'm a bit biased. Now I feel old).
4th round: Stephen Halliday(LW). A big sized forward with a hard shot and good shot. A bit slow and will need to improve his speed on both offense and defense. Commited to North Dakota.
5th round(from TOR via VGK): Calle Clang(G). A Swedish goalie who's quick at anticipating shots and recovery. Also has good form for high and low shots. He does bight a bit on slapshots. Reminds me a bit of Linus Ullmark.
6th round: Nathan Schweitzer(D). A Minnesota boy who's an offensive-minded dfenseman. Will need more time develop compared to some defenseman.
7th round(from MTL via OTT): Jake Ratzlaff(D). Another Minnesota born defenseman with solid size. Scored a goal in the Hlinka Gretzky Cup last year.
7th round: Tag Bertuzzi(C): A center who his really came into his own this season in the OHL. Increased his point total by 5 times in 2019-20. Will return to OHL. (Also the son of Todd Bertuzzi and cousin of Tyler Bertuzzi).
7th round(from NYR via NSH): Pavel Tyutnev(LW): A Russian winger who has been sold in the MHL. Reminds me of Kaprizov.
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