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Forum: Armchair-GM19 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MG1986</b></div><div>At least according to Elliotte Freidman, the Leafs are kicking around on both these players. Manson's injury certainly doesn't help move things along. On the return, I cannot see the Leafs willing to give up yet another 1st rounder AND Liljigren here. Yes, a health Josh Manson is a very reliable and defensive top-4. I would not call him a top pairing defender by any means though. Plus, the Leafs are basically getting a rental Ryan Miller. If the Leafs really wanted to do something about their D, they would give up Barrie over Ceci. I am not sure Ceci get's you much, but as a third pairing with Dermott, he's been at least decent. Barrie, giving every opportunity to play on the top D pairing with Reilly and 1st line PP minutes, has not been very good, especially defensively. So, you deal Barrie, Timashov, Bracco, 2021 1st round draft pick and a 2022 2nd round draft pick should do it. While I have liked Timashov's game, at times, I think Pierre Engvall is the better all around player and has slid past him on the depth charts.</div></div>

The value of Timashov and Bracco have already been discussed here. Why do you think Barrie is such a valuable piece in this trade? He's playing very poorly as you say and he is a UFA who is going to sign with the highest bidder. That's also a lot of picks to give up, and as well has been mentioned, the Ducks have nothing behind Manson so he's a hard guy to give up. I'm not sure there's a fit between the two teams, no matter Friedman says (he really only looks at the Toronto side).

I could see them trying to work out a 3-way deal here. Carolina could really use Kapanen and Toronto could use Manson. I wonder if the Canes would give up something like Toronto's 2020 1st (plus?) to the Ducks, Kap to the Canes and Manson to the Leafs. Maybe the Leafs need to add something to Anaheim (that could be where Bracco fits in and maybe Ceci if they need a guy to play). But that seems to be maybe the basis of a trade?
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