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Forum: Edmonton OilersAug. 23, 2022 at 4:34 p.m.
The closest comparable I can think of is John Klingberg. He signed with the Ducks for $7M x 1, proving there is a market for these kinds of players. However, the trade market is cut-throat right now, and the meaning of "cap dump" appears to have been redefined. In the salary cap era, there have always been trades that were motivated by the need to be cap compliant. In the past, the term "cap dump" was used to describe transactions that involved players of little, or rapidly diminishing value. Today a "cap dump" may involve a player of significant value, as evidenced by recent transactions involving Vegas.

At the time Barrie signed his current contract the total value was team friendly, the AAV of $4.5M was considered low and I'm sure Ken Holland felt he'd have no trouble moving Barrie before the 3-year deal came to an end. Most fans felt the term was not ideal, but understood that it was necessary in order to keep the AAV down. Well, since then, Evan Bouchard's game developed much quicker than anticipated, and League revenues went into the dumpster and the salary cap stagnated.

I think the length of Barrie's contract is the biggest impediment to a trade in today's market. In my opinion, this player probably garners more interest and a better return at the TDL, or in the next off-season. At the very least, he should be less expensive to move by then. In the meantime, Woodcroft and Manson have to figure out how to achieve some balance on Edmonton's blue line, and Holland needs to figure out how he's going to get his team under the salary cap.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>Doesnt mean anything when GM Kent Hughes has publicly said outright he wont do what you suggested ever.
Every action he's made to date backs that up

What you think of Anderson is irrelevant as is what i think
Reality is Hughes wasnt paying or even taking a loss on Petry holding out just long enough to get a decent deal with 0% RS.
Literally every action he's made to date suggest's he'll continue to do so.

Hughes uses his RS at the TDL to maximize returns much bigger then MB or most NHL GM's woulda got.
You and Kent are both without Experience as Gm's but Kent has the vision to know how a trade like this ignores context to focus on cap.

Given that Suzuki-Caufield were a Point Per Game after MSL 1st move as coach promoting Andersont to top line moving him to LW for the first time in MTL.
I dont see them moving Anderson unless its for a profit just because fans took a response to a comment about dealing Tyler Toffoli out of nowhere

“I think it was reported that we could trade Josh Anderson because we’re getting a lot of calls on Josh in the past, but we never moved him,” said Hughes while addressing the rumours that have been flying the last week. “We’re in 32nd place, we need to evaluate all options we have to create flexibility under the Salary Cap. It’s not our plan.”

The article further covers Hughes thoughts which basically were "over pay us and we'll move him " citing a half a dozen teams at the TDL were in on him and more have called since the season ended</div></div>

In keeping with the question posed by KISS_My_Asthma, I offer my thoughts regarding the trades proposed. You have quoted my comments and offered a rebuttal that appears misdirected. I have made no comment regarding Kent Hughes, the transactions he's made this summer, whether Josh Anderson should be traded, or how he should be deployed within the Canadiens' roster.

Reality is what it is, but the question posed asked us to comment on the hypothetical. With that in mind, I maintain that with Evander Kane signed the Oilers do not need Josh Anderson, even with salary retention.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>you arent getting positive value for either of those guys lol. Rebuilding teams take on cap dumps for picks they don't give up picks for them.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Nqutilus</b></div><div>Please stop expecting Chicago to send back picks for bad players like Foegele.</div></div>

Tyson Barrie and John Klingberg are quite similar players, but Barrie is paid $4.5M and Klingberg just signed in L.A. for $7M. Barrie represents good value to any team looking for an offensive RHD who can quarterback a top power play unit. Most teams with that need are pretty tight to the cap ceiling and still need to complete their rosters. The Oilers have said they are happy to have Barrie with them next year, and it seems the only reasons his name is rumored to be on the trade block are the emergence of Evan Bouchard and Edmonton's need to get under the salary cap. He will not be a cap dump, Holland won't give him away,

Warren Foegele is also a solid NHL player who is rumored to be on the trade block for similar reasons. The Oilers need to clear some cap space, they signed Mattius Janmark and Dylan Holloway looks like a solid bet to stick with the Oilers this year. Where Barrie has near elite level power play stats, there is nothing spectacular about Foegele's game, he's just a fast and physical forward who generates a lot of scoring chances when playing with elite teammates. Given that he's a left handed forward who can play on either wing, he has some versatility. However, he is much easier to replace than Barrie, and therefore more difficult o trade if the Oilers want a fair return.
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Thread: trade dumba
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Thread: offseason
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ceeque84</b></div><div>Realistically i dont think barrie will be moved unti next offseason. Moving Barrie creates a hole on the Right side defence &amp; they dont have a cheaper option within the org to fill that hole so a useable RHD would have to be coming back in any trade for Barrie....
If i had my wish I would have Ryan and Foegele being moved as they are both pieces that are easily replaced with cheaper UFA's or even call ups from the A.
Sadly I think Pujli is still likely to be moved, but this still confuses the hell out of me because the Oilers severely lack right shot wingers throughout the entire organization right down to the reserve list.</div></div>

I agree that Barrie is likely to remain with the Oilers, and that's fine with me as long as Jay and Dave don't throw Broberg and Niemelainen/Samorukov to the wolves. That might mean breaking up the Nurse/Ceci duo and hoping Holland brings in another veteran by the TDL.

There's been a lot of speculation regarding Puljujarvi, who among us can be certain what is going on with him and the Oilers? As with all things, time will eventually reveal the truth.

If JP is traded away, perhaps Evan Rodrigues is a possibility? He doesn't posses the size and strength that Puljujarvi has, but Rodrigues is a solid middle six forward who scored 19 goals and 43 points last season. He's also capable of playing C and RW.

Mid term, Raphael Lavoie has been streaky since turning pro but he has the size, skating, and skill to be a solid NHL middle six forward who can provide depth scoring some day. The arrival of Bourgault should motivate Lavoie, as its likely those two may compete for call up opportunities.