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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>herzausstein</b></div><div>I personally wouldn’t. Looking at our pipeline our forward group is a lot better then our defensive group. I don’t see anyone that can replace Fabbro (especially with how he’s been playing).

Beginning of the year my opinion would’ve been different. Fabbro was a little lackluster last season, Boeser had a strong year, we just got Myers and he seemed like he could step into Fabbros place. But now, Fabbro has had a very strong year, Myers can’t find a regular spot on the roster, tomasino looks promising, Jeannot has exploded onto the scene, and boeser has as many points as Colton sissons. Boeser is also a rfa and is going to expect a big paybump</div></div>

Fabbro has been good, but I don't think he's irreplaceable at this point. And having another guy (if Forsberg is re-signed) that has 30 goal potential would be big for NSH. I don't see Tomasino, Sissons, Jeannot, or anyone on the current roster that has that potential at this point (though Duchene looks like he'll hit it this season -- but who knows which Duchene we get next year...). And then if Forsberg walks, there is a built in replacement in Boeser. I also think Boeser will sign around $6.5-7m. I don't see him making more than that, which I think is a doable number for NSH. And as for a Fabbro replacement, I think you could go after a guy like Miller on a 2-year deal and not lose much sleep over it.

I mean, I don't think there's any reason to make this trade right now, but I'd definitely consider it.