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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gmgb</b></div><div>What would have been your choice for the Preds? I'm glad they didn't go with navy here - save that for the next 3rd jersey. This isn't it for me though. One of my favourite details on the OG mustard tiger jersey was the unique collar. The Adidas collar looks awkward, and the Nashville wordmark under it looks tacked on now.

I would have liked to have seen a white version of this sweater, with yellow pants, gloves, and helmets. U of Minnesota wears something similar at times, and I think it looks fresh.</div></div>

yeah, I was really hoping they would keep the unique collar and remove that Nashville wordmark on the chest with this one.

I never considered a white version of this-- just looked up the University of Minnesota uniforms, and I could definitely see a NSH uniform in that style. A super interesting option that would really pop on the ice. I would even consider that as a potential change to the away uniform if it looks good.

As far as a different RR design, I guess they could've gone with a white version of the blue/black checkered jersey (they made one, but it never saw the ice). It was rumored that was going to be our new home/away before they switched to "gold". I bet they'd probably end up doing it with yellow/gold or something instead of the black/blue though. I wonder if NSH could get away with a silver jersey with blue/yellow accents or something-- no clue what that would look like, but just spitballing.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>evelutions2</b></div><div>Pretty decent team for it being random. Although the changes I would make is swap Huberdeau and Guentzel, and swap Tkachuk and Bratt. The only other change I would make is Andersson at 4C. As for my reasoning on the swaps, Lias gives the fourth line a bit more of an identity. Guentzel gets his points through Sid/Malkin, and I doubt Guentzel would be successful as Chytil as his center man. Having the lines of Guentzel-Point-Bratt would bring the most out of Guentzel, and the line of Huberdeau-Chytil-Tkachuk would bring the most out of Chytil. Porous dcore, and not really anything to be done with that with what you rolled. Third line is decent, but don’t expect much offense or defense from it. As long as goalies games are managed well, this team could potentially make some noise and surprise teams. And if injuries for goalies come into play, you still have 3 serviceable goalies who can hold you over for a little bit, although expectations if it came to that should be limited.</div></div>

I could see those line changes-- and stack the top line when needed.

And yeah, the 3rd line has interesting players on it, but I think it would end up flopping.

Just couldn't get any help on defense... though at least I got Theodore with one of my last picks. Would've looked so sad without him. I think the 2nd pair would get eaten alive, but the 3rd pair is nice, and the top pair should be fine if Suter can handle it.

This team has enough fire power to at least be competitive-- plus some good goalies.
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