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Hmm hard transaction to analyze. I could see good thing here and there but also bad thing.

As a surprise Wideman did really good as the 6/7 defenseman depth and good veterans with the youngster . Pezzetta have become a fan and teammates favorite which would be hard to move out.

Foegele bring nothing for me no bad value nore good one too.

Vincent Desharnais as a minor depth veterans that could be a good idea but right now Laval defense player position is well occupied.

Armia I would be so much happy to see him gone he's truly a cap dumb in my opinion , only if he could get is head out of is ... And play like he did in playoff 2021 he could be more easier to live with or trade.

Anderson the question is could he still be able to play the style he does at the end of is contrat and even more. Because he got a decent contract for the kind of player he's but the problem would be if he's not able to finish is contract because he's injure due to is playstyle. Still could be valuable on mtl top 6 with Dach as center or other winger and with another good offensive player.

Barrie could be the veterans RHD Hughes looking for to help with the young and eat good minutes. He would need to have an extension going with the trade to prevent he's becoming a pricey rental. Depending on how much he want that could be an asset to think about.

And finally Puljujarvi, I don't know what to think of him. Could he be good to MTL ? Maybe ? A line up of Puljujarvi with Dach and another big build guy could be intriguing to watch play. But I'm not so sure of him.
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