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Thread: Wet Blankets
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Ottawa wouldn't have any interest in that.

They WANT JBD and not Dermott

Garland is not needed at all.

See there? Ottawa has 6 guys in the top-65 and several other guys who could get there

Watson is not costly and UFA at the end of the season, they will want to keep his veteran presence, he doesn't have a lot of value in a trade anyway

Ottawa has no interest in this. Garland to Ottawa has died when they traded for DeBrincat and died another time when they signed Claude Giroux</div></div>

I appreciate your comments. I like OTT's depth, and you are right that they have solid on-paper depth in their top 6. I also made an assumption that some of that depth may be compromised due to an on-going investigation into a certain incident that has been in the news cycle through the summer months. Independent of that, it never hurts to have NHL scoring depth at a cost controlled number. Looking at my own team, who have professed to have depth in spades at the start of each season, only to have unforeseen injuries or COVID derail it.

I think Garland is a good piece who like I noted, scored at a 1st line pace while essentially getting 2nd/3rd line ice-time. He alone would justify the return for a player like JBD who hasn't reached his potential yet PLUS a first round pick. I was generous and assumed that OTT would prefer the '24 2nd round in exchange.

As far as Watson's inclusion, it was more of a numbers game PLUS a player like Dermott could slot in and support the Sens right now - which is why Dorian and company made right now moves like signing a 34yo Claude Giroux, traded for 35yo Cam Talbot, while also stocking for the future by trading away Matt Murray to the Leafs. If OTT is out of the playoffs or want to move in a different direction, they could flip Dermott at the TDL for picks or prospects. OR as an RFA, they have a measure of cost control that would allow them to accommodate salary increases to other RFAs (and more prominent ones) like Tim Stutzle and the aforementioned Alex DeBrincat.