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Jul 13, 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 9 at 11:25
Thread: Stacking up
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TMarch</b></div><div>This post, right here, is everything.

Zadina's most common Cs were Namestnikov (13% of the time), and then Larkin (just shy of 13% of the time). Imagine a full season with real 1C (yes, Larkin is a 1C, not necessarily an elite 1C, but he is a top-line C). Zadina's best performance came with Larkin as his C (the numbers for Namestnikov are REALLY bad, dragging it all down). Larkin's best numbers came with Zadina and Fabbri as the wingers. Imagine what the top line(s) could look like next year just using the existing roster:

Bert/Veleno or Rass/Fabbri (I'd like to see Veleno here, though his future is a 3C).

In DET's low event hockey style, a winger is not going to be able to drive play, it must come from the Cs and Ds (not quite the left wing lock, but close). Until the team is deeper down the middle, Zadina's play-driving abilities are going to get washed away with the low event style partnered with a poor D (though, D help is coming too).

Zadina currently isn't a top-line winger on a top team, but he is a top 6 winger on a top team. You can't drive play when you are the only play driver on a line.</div></div>

I understand i touched a very sensitive zone with Zadina which i think is interesting. I think time will tell if he is part of Detroit and if he is legit top 6. At this point i just dont see what you all see but as i said before, maybe i am wrong and I hope so since he was a high pick he should hopefully convert into a big game player. Lets see in a few years where he is and what status is.
Forum: Mock-DraftMay 28 at 3:04
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Duggysdanglers</b></div><div>I’ll admit Eklund should probably go higher but that really depends on whether or not he plays C in the NHL. Some rankings have him as LW. I think Mason McTavish might have pushed him out of the top ten. I do not think he’s necessarily better than Guenther, Johnson or Beniers. He could or should go higher than Chaz Lucius but that guy is a pure sniper. Is Eklund better than any of the D picked ahead of him? Maybe. I do not think so. He has skill but he’s a bit small and might turn into a perimeter player in the NHL. This bumps him out imo. I could eventually be proven wrong. That happens but right now I’m not convinced.
I definitely should have Coronato going higher but I forgot about him.
Raty might go higher but his draft stock is a bit erratic. He could go top 15 or much later. There’s going to be a lot of intrigue this year. And several surprises.
What else do you disagree with?</div></div>

Well, a lot will be more clear after the lottery. But I think this draft is overweighted to North America vs Europe. I just don’t see how Buffalo should go with Hughes before Eklund as an example? Guenther is just not that good to be in top 5. Maybe top 10.

Lysell, I can see him drop to very late in first after not so impressive year.
Pastujov: I think he drops to second round
L’heureux might drop to late first or second round
Edmonton will most likely not pick a goalie even they need one.
Othmann and Dean will go in first round.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 4 at 12:42