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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>Hmmm.... Us Hawks fans also have a unique perspective on Raddysh. He played with Debrincat in Eire. It was between him and Debrincat as to who was the best player on the team. Debrincat pulled away at the end of the season and Raddysh stayed in which his point total dropped when he needed to play the opposing shut down line and his points dropped by 25ish points. I see Raddysh as a career #3RW as you have here. I like that he'll be cost controlled for (3) years. I like the 2nd round pick. I guess I'd be fine with this trade. It's on the smaller end of things (As far as lofty goals for Stan), but TBL would JUMP at this trade so the team would 110% do it. However, I doubt Callahan accepts this, but that's a different point all together.

***EDIT*** that 2nd line scares me. I don't think it'll be as good as every else thinks. Saad doesn't play the type of game Schmaltz and Kane do. Just my opinion.

***EDIT EDIT*** Oh Jeeze I just saw the 2nd rounder going to TBL...NOPE...TBL should be sending the 2nd to take on the $5.8M Cap Dump. You don't send a 2nd round pick to take on a career #3RW.</div></div>

Not sure I agree on Raddysh's upside. He played on a bad Otters team last year. In the playoffs after being traded he put up nearly the same PPG as he did the year before on a stacked Otters team. He was still top 10 in the league as far as PPG in the playoffs. This year will be a big year to see how he does in the AHL but I think its premature to write him off as a career 3rd liner.

I was debating on adding the 2nd or not. I think the deal could be done without the pick but I also don't think TBL NEED to make this trade. They are in a great spot cap wise even with Callahan.
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