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While being will sound the same as i was arguing with 90% of fanbase here back in September 2018 already......

Till Wingers will play D for TML, Hasek wont help......

Neglecting the issues with D that TML has for years none of Goalies would be able to make it. Not a coincidence Bernier went from badass Backup to bust and also Andersen fell from 2.32 and 91,8% to 2,75 with same 91,8% since coming to TML.

TML D is currently built from :

2 x Wingers - Rielly & Barrie
2 x No.5 Dman - Ceci &Dermott
1 x No.6-7 Dman - Holl

and the only approximation of shutdown D called Muzzin whos working double shifts on Ice to cover crap the others paired with him are leaving out there and now he looks tired already isnt he ?

Andersen is first Goalie that can be considered a "difference maker" since Brodeur and Joseph. But he needs a decent backup that will bring him rested to playoffs and Hutchinson isnt that. Neither Woll will be ready soon, both Hutchinson and Kaskisuo are rolling him in AHL with stats and they couldnt put up against big bois....
Re-signing Andersen at 4 x 8M at his age of 32y

currently im playing with idea about TDL, but dont see any reason to post that AGM :

Hyman, Hutchinson <-----> DeSmith, 2nd 2021 (400k retained)
Barrie, Dermott, Timashov, 2nd 2020 <--------> Manson
Kerfoot, Ceci, 2nd, 3rd <-----> Bennett, Hamonic ( still working on this one, feels like fleecing CGY )

4M lost in overpayments aka "New Era Premium Contracts" narrowed D options big time on the top of all the other flaws the Team has already

I hope TML Fan Sheriff and his deputy wont strip me from my T-shirt also ( jersey is gone already amd they are stalking me at every post i made now, its nice to have own fan base here tho ) after yesterdays WIN OVER THE CHAMPIONS with the "new system of Keefe wizardy", cause you know, we dont shout Emperor is naked in TML land.....
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