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I would say that first bluf that Ferris was trying to pull, the infamous Offer-sheet, isnt working anymore. The "magicaly loaded" Teams that should do it and have Cap space are all coming with their own "big contracts" to be signed next year and would need to dump 4 players+ to be compatible, so this trump card has gone.

Or even if its still a thing, as i said yesterday in one of the threads, While Mitch doesnt have much saying in negotiations part where Ferris and Paul are holding upper hand at it to crop their share, when it will / was come to signing an Offer-sheet theres pretty much what i was saying from the start...thats the part where he can decide how thing will play and he will not sign it, knowing hes town darling and all the money the others can offer him, he can compensate thru all the additional assets and benefits that hes cropping thru advertisments being a hometown boy etcetc

Supposedly ( by the mighty Burke ) TML offered 8 x 10M, which Ferris rejected, so Dubarelli's message with signing everyone else was, we offered our max, cause you want shorter term anything that we will talk from now on will be in money span that we left for you ( 9,7M )

Tho you neglected additional leverage that Ferris will play on, the holdout into the Season which with Cap crunch will rise the Marners impact into this years Cap and forcing Dubarelli tryin to avoid it.....

My curent guesses are :

3 x 7,7M ( after 2 x 6M and 3 x 4,67M you know who )
4 x ------- ( avoiding the term )
5 x 9,5M ( 1M above Aho, just cause Dubarelli can )

But hey, i am the guy who was giving Matthews 8 x 10,5M ( Eichel ) last summer....what do i know.....