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Jun 3, 2018
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Thread: PK subban
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PittsburghBob69</b></div><div>Good luck w/ the highly prized prospect? Who Flip Hallander?? He was our 4-5th best prospect in a really bad minor league system. What are u talking about..lol..S.Poulin, P.O-Joseph, N.Legare, and probably Drew OcConnor are all more highly thought of than Hollander. And maybe even behind J.Maniscalco. Good luck man!! He wasn’t apart of our future. I’ll take Kapanen and his reasonable contract over the next 3 years over Arimov(really, just a shot in the dark and he’s atleast 4 years away from contributing; he’s gonna turn out as good as Liljegren).

And u know hockey isn’t like basketball or football u idiot. It’s not like the 1st line is the starting team. 1st and 2nd lines are interchangeable. Being a top 6 forward is probably what u mean. It’s like saying, well Zach Hyman is better than Tavares or Nylander. Taveras/Nylander play on the 2nd line.

Look man, the sh*t you’re saying just keeps getting dumber and dumber. Just stop while u are already way behind. U just keep getting more and more behind and look stupider and stupider every time u post something. Look at the chain, you make no sense and it proves everything I said.</div></div>

Since picks don’t mean anything to you you might as well trade them all for a box of tissues to wipe your eyes... after Liljegren recovered from mono he never looked the same. This draft was deep. No Free agent wants to sign in Pittsburgh unlike toronto for minimum, I’m happy getting rid of a 3rd liner in Kapanen making 3.2 and getting a third liner in thorton, who is currently better than Kapanen for minimum. Crosby and Malkin’s days are ticking, when is Kapanen magically going to turn into this great player you make him out to be. I know probably when the team starts rebuilding.
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 18, 2020 at 2:44
Thread: PK subban
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PittsburghBob69</b></div><div>Lol, not our fault Toronto paid Ceci 4.5M/yr and had him playing on the 1st pairing w/ Reilly and had him playing 1st pairing minutes. As a 3rd line Depth D-Man, making 1.2M for 1 yr. isnt a bad signing. He’ll play 10-14 minutes a game. We have Ruthwedel as a RHD depth for our 3rd pairing too.So, if he’s not serviceable, he’ll be sitting in the press box as a healthy scratch and Ruthwedel will be our 3rd pairing RHD. No harm no foul at 1.2M.The Pens are not strapped for cash, like the Leafs, and have to try and dump 4 starting players(that no one else wants) for 1 to get under the cap. See u know nothing, not a horrible signing, just stop. Yes, was a horrible signing at 4.5M/yr to play on the Leafs 1st pairing. Yes, a bad signing. Not as a depth defensemen that won’t crack the 3rd pairing and won’t crack 14 minutes a night when he plays(which won’t be every night either).</div></div>

I believe the ceci signing/minutes by the leafs was a way to disguise how bad the Zaitsev trade was for Ottawa and to maintain a good relationship with the other gm. Zaitsev making 4.5 for the next 4 years bad signing by Lou Lamoriello is a 7th d at best. Your Gm traded a top 15 pick and a highly praised prospect by the leafs for Kapanen. Kapanen’s first year he got 9 points playing on the 4th line. His second year he got to play with matthews because nylander was having contract issues, leafs had bad RW depth and tavares was promised to play with Marner. That year he put up a career high 44 points playing with one of the best in the league (matthews). His 3rd year when nylander returned to his spot with matthews he was given every opportunity to play in the top 6 with the big 4 and could’nt preform a top 6 role. He will never be a 1st line player, he currently is a 3rd liner and at best he’ll be a second liner.