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Forum: The BoxSep. 9, 2022 at 7:47 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DirtyDangle</b></div><div>pistols are used for work. whether its for a remote wilderness workers or cash transporters in the city. both have need a for personal protection. also if handguns have been legal for some time and there is no indication that legal handguns are being used in crime then why target them. canada has a vibrant target shooing community that's being targeted without cause imo.

no one is hunting deer with a .22 that would be cruel. people do hunt small game with .22 and that does fill their freezer for winter. there is no reason for .22 to be banned its the least powerful caliber of firearm. as for 30 rounds most provinces have mag capacity limits for centerfire firearms which usually caps the limit at 10 and in come cases 5. it's a silly law but despite that gun owners aren't even pushing back heavily on that law.

canada's gun laws have done almost nothing to combat illegal gun crime. it's usually politically based on laws that sound good to people who aren't knowledgeable in firearms and almost always have a large effect on legal owners. as a legal gun owner you can wake up tomorrow and find out a rifle you own is now prohibited with no reason or justification why. i can't even compare firearm laws to any other aspect in canadian law as no other part of canadian law has such absurd laws.</div></div>

I'm gonna be clear, I'm NOT for more gun laws. Gun lawn punish legal owners. Illegal weapons are already illegal. making them more illegal doesnt change much. My point was that large capacity and semi auto assault rifles are unneccessary, and the average joe has really no need for a pistol. agree about law enforcement needing them, but the average person really doesnt. I think we agree more than we think lol

as for a .22 i was more or less talking about pistols, I've hunted rabbits with .22s before.
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Forum: NHLSep. 6, 2022 at 12:53 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mondo</b></div><div>Halifax couldn't support an NHL team because it doesn't have the population.

Major teams need a suitable population in order to draw people from; I personally find metropolitan areas the best way to measure this because it accounts for suburbs and commuter towns. Halifax's metro area has a population of 465,703. Winnipeg, by comparison has a metro area of 834,678. That's an 80% difference between the two cities. Winnipeg is already on the low end of NHL markets, having a population roughly comparable to a place like Columbia, SC or Dayton, OH, but the fact it's the only major team in the area and the overwhelming popularity of hockey in Canada allows it to generate revenue. Halifax would also have these advantages, but it's a tougher sell because that's about 370k less people you have to fill the arena.

Put another way - it everyone in Winnipeg were to go to one NHL home game only at the Canada Life Centre, there would be enough people in the city to attend 54 games. Move the Canada Life Centre to Halifax, and there's enough people to attend 30 games. Sure, that would go up if you used to Scotiabank Centre's seat numbers but you have to remember it's a 10k seater built in the 70s. Unfortunately an expansion team wouldn't get the same pass as Arizona is getting so a larger arena would be mandatory.

EDIT: FWIW I wouldn't hate a team in Halifax personally, but it's a very tough sell.</div></div>

Completely agree. The problem with adding more canadian teams is population density. A team in pittsburgh, per se, can draw fans from millions of people within a couple hours drive. A team in halifax has a couple million in the whole PROVINCE. Population denisty plays a huge role in why there are more teams in the states.

Though a city like halifax on it's own can support a team maybe, theres no opportunity for fanbase growth because its hours away from any other major city. If I put a team almost anywhere in the states, youve got major cities and millions of people within a small radius.
Forum: NHLMay 29, 2022 at 10:37 a.m.