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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yanleg96</b></div><div>How can you be so sure about that. Tell me if im wrong but we're really close of having no playoffs at all, and if we have them if strongly think they will be behind close doors. So the NHL lose big cash here and TV contracts are almost already sign for big markets so they cant ask for more because nobody is allowed in public space so they dont make money here. This is only for 19-20 but lets say that public health departement say that no gathering up to 100 is allowed in public area until next summer to control or limit this virus, nhl will loose money again. Yeah teams have insurance for a reason but most insurance is not valid for natural disaster which a pandemic is part of so yeah i wish too that the cap wont drop but maybe it will and it will be for economic health of the league and avoid bankruptcy.</div></div>

First off, there wont be that thing happening where public health department says that no gatherings are gonna happen until next summer. Next season I hope would be normal. NHL has without playoffs revenue of at least 50% of normal season. Id argue more. 70/82 games in regular season were played NORMALLY. Playoffs generate more revenue. Thats why I said 50% of revenue of the whole normal season. Cap should go up by 50% of what it would normally go up by, but likely we would have flat cap as the worst case scenario. Not a drop. League would drop cap only if they would not play whole season or more. Lets say that gathering thing would happen and whole season would be played behind closed doors. TV revenue would still exist and it would be higher than ever because everybody would watch it. Money would be lost regardless because yeah, tickets are better source of finance.. Im not saying they arent. But at no point should there be even a discussion about dropping the cap. At worst, cap stays the same. If there is maybe war happening and there would be worse than this happening for multiple years, then maybe they wouldve dropped the cap..
Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 7:54 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oneX</b></div><div>And what about when they return and the attendance numbers are lower because society does not have the discretionary money it was spending on NHL tickets?

By the time things return to some normalcy, people will need to be worried about the rent owed from previous months because they didn't have the money to pay through the mess we know as the coronavirus.

Best case scenario would be the league keeps the cap the same, takes the hit for the next season, perhaps the season after as well. I think you forgot the part where reality trumps going to sports events.

I feel bad for all the people now laid off with rent to pay.</div></div>

I feel for those people same. I had one person in my family affected by it as well. You think Im not taking it into consideration? Stop. I count with it. Cap at worst would stay the same and it would have consequences on next season and the cap raise after that. This would be spread out for multiple seasons to really get back where it was. But there wont be cap lowered. Thats just ridiculous. Next season, there would be lower revenue even if full season occured due to exact reason you mentioned. They might lose 1/4 of revenue next year if its fully played.

What would be logical best case scenario..
50% of expected cap raise for 20/21 (circa 1.5-2 million instead of 3-4, which would mean cap of 83-83.5M)
75% of expected cap raise for 21/22 (which considering Seattle expansion and new TV deal would mean 4-5M raise instead of 5-6M raise, cap at 88M)
100% of expected cap raise for 22/23 (new TV deal, Seattle expansion and full revenue would mean 5-6M raise again this year, 93M cap and then the raise slows down to about 3M raise per year)

realistic worst case scenario? Here..
0% of expected cap raise for 20/21 (cap stays at 81.5M)
75% of expected cap raise for 21/22 (which again means 4-5M instead of 5-6M, cap at around 86M)
100% of expected cap raise for 22/23 (add 5-6M to 86M and you have around 91-92M cap for 22/23 at worst)
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