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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>HUH? Do you not understand how cap space works?

How was Toronto able to have a PROJECTED CAP HIT of $95,178,332 million last year and still play in the league with a cap of 81.5M? The LTIR credits of Horton, Clarkson, Johnsson, and Mikheyev added up to 14.875M. You acquire the player to go over the salary cap. Look at Toronto's team page. Then look at Arizona's with Hossa's LTIR. Both teams got to have more salary than the cap allowed. That is an asset. That will cost a team a draft pick to acquire.

let’s use a hypothetical player with a 6.083 million dollar cap hit. The NHL salary cap stays flat at $81.5 million, and the hypothetical player goes onto LTIR at the start of the season-which he will like he did last year, the team would then be able to spend up to 6.083 million more to replace him because they know that the player will never return. Oh and this little rule of being able to exceed the salary cap by 10% in the off-season to be able to acquire the contract....

So LTIR does do a little thing --like allow a team to temporarily exceed the cap. Can't think of any reason why Toronto's GM would be actively seeking that---can you?</div></div>

If you acquire a 6M contract you added a 6M contract and then you put it on LTIR you get rid of that 6M so your cap stays at the same spot. By adding that contract you don't get 6M more cap space.

Leafs were able to fit under cap because 13 million of that 95M cap roll was Horton and Clarkson who were going on LTIR. They didn't have 95M cap roll without them