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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CFMan</b></div><div>Detroits defense right now is split being either too young or too old Trouba bridges that. Even if you signed Trouba to a huge contract its not like Detroit is in that bad of a cap situation. I honestly thought it was a lot worse but you guys free up so much space next season even if you signed Trouba to 10 or 11 million dollar contract(which he isnt worth and wont be) you guys would still be okay. Your prospect pool is basically built after this year, the only thing you need is a competent goal tender. I'm familiar with some of DET prospects but none of their goalies, do you guys have one that you think could be no. 1 in the future?</div></div>

But trading players that could end up being better Trouba is not smart and the age bridge is pointless because at the end next season Ericsson, Daley and Kronwall will be retired. Maybe Green gets traded at the TDL or retires himself. Then it leaves Bowey, DeKeyser, Hronek, Cholowski and probably McIsaac (Who has looked really good at the Memorial cup so far). It's not the money to pay Trouba its what we have to give up to get him. You have our best D prospect who was playing on or near Trouba's level in his first season. A young D man who looked like he fit in very well toward the end of the season and 3 draft picks for TROUBA not Lindstrom, Burns or Doughty! A number #2 dman that is a free agent at the end of the season. Detroit has Beriner for 2 more years and Howard is signed till the end of next season and could easily sign for another year if needed he just wants to stay in Detroit. Rybar had a good season in Grand Rapids this year and less than impressive appearance at the worlds. But they did just sign Larsson. So you are right Detroit doesn't have a number 1 goaltender but they do have time to sort that out and moving out Abs, Helm and Neilson has to happen before Detroit can even think about being a contender. But if Detroit trades 5 assets for Trouba what are they going use to get a goalie?
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