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Thread: trade ideas
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>leafs101</b></div><div>for a team thats not making the playoffs, is it really worth giving up athanasiou and picks for a guy who's gonna be a rental and leave you in the offseason? hall's said a numerous amount of times that he wants to play for a chance to win soon, and Detroit would certainly not be one of his top choices</div></div>

As a Wings fan I have to agree. Now I personally think Svechnikov for Puljujärvi value wise is pretty even and I'm probably in the minority there. I'm not sure I'd even make that trade. A couple of seasons ago Svechnikov had a great camp and pre-season but didn't get called up because Holland wasn't ready to admit the Wings need to start over. Then last offseason right before Svechnikov is going to get he shot he blows he tears his ACL and in out for the season. So basically he got screwed and then blows his knee out and he never complained and always had a smile on his face. His attitude was it's no problem I'm just going to work hard but I'm still going to make it. Then you have Puljujärvi who things aren't working out even though he has been given chance after chance playing 139 games over 3 season and now he has decided it not him its the team demands a trade. Since Edmonton hasn't traded him he has gone home until he gets his way.

if Svechnikov doesn't have a future with the Wings and has a chance to play for another NHL team I'm all for him being traded to a team where he can play because he deserves it.
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