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Forum: Chicago BlackhawksFeb 25 at 6:59
really well written. i agree with most of what you say. for the sake of argument i have a few point of views we can go back and forth with:

1. trades in off season:
of player under contract, and contributes, who do you think is moved. its safe to think at lease one will be traded of significance. here are my choices:
a) nylander- please i do not like him at all
b) strome- i think his rights will be traded. i dont think he is worth it to keep around
c) Keith- this is a long shot, but for a team that needs a steady dman, and 5.5mil is not a lot. i think a team in win now mode would consider this. he would get a good return as well i believe.
d) would get the best return, but not sure what it wouuld look like.

2. signings
like most think crow will be brought back, and i dont mind that, i dont think many of us have playoff hopes next year. chance of signing Lehner less than 5%? here are a few i would want signed:
a)Barrie- i think any signings will be on D. he could be signed pennys on the dollar, and i think in a more sheltered position he could get back to a productive dman.
b)DeMelo- same as above, watch him a lot, and am confident in him
c) Haula- like him a lot. big strong guy.

3. Draft
assuming chicago picks in the top 8. does anyone know how many of the top 8-10 prospects are considered NHL ready for next year? not many had dach as ready, so assuming anyone chicago picks will probably be in the lineup. also any goalies that will be projected to be taken in top 15? i think they will go for a forward.

i dont see them making big waves next year. just ride it out, sell at deadline, and hope these young guys are ready for 2022.