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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Poehling</b></div><div>Poehling Suzuki will start the year in the AHL. Bad idea to sign Gardiner 7 years for that prize. In 2 years, you gotta sign Gallagher Danault Tatar Petry Kotkaniemi Poehling Armia Lehkonen Kulak, so sign Armia 4 years, Lehkonen 3 years ( still RFA ), Kulak 2 years,</div></div>

I don't think many UFA that could make a big impact will sign in montreal. Left hand D is a need and nothing is coming up for a while, we will need to offer lenght and money to the 2019 UFA Left D. Is MTL will make the playoff with Armia and Lehkonen? They are part of it, but not the solution. In my opinion, Suzuki is the cheaper alternative, if we don't make the playoff in 19-20, I prefer Suzuki playing somes games on a third lines and PP time, Like KK did this year. With Boston, Tampa and Toronto, MTL is left with the wild card. 4 years off the playoff in the last 5, it's not the scenario bergevin I think he going toward. Bergevin didn't made any big trade, he wanted to draft well and develop player. At some point, the busines s need to flourish, otherwise Molson will change the GM.

With a good prospect pool and this year draft and with 20-21 draft selection, MTL will have amunition to complete a trade either during the 19-20 season or after. Right now, everyone is looking to get younger, add better player, get rid of old player/heavy contract and add draft pick. IMO, why not adding the Suzuki/ Poehling next, they are MTL future with KK.