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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>papishark</b></div><div>Uh did you even read it. Blichfield is rated as a LEGIT NHL PROSPECT, and he says only positives about him and his domination of the WHL.</div></div>

Did you even read my post? I NEVER SAID PRONMAN SAID HE WAS BAD DID I. Uh, did you even read his article? He explicitly says LABEL DOESNT GUARANTEE THE ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING!

So, here's an idea, don't be a dick. Honestly, I was making an assessment, with no emotion whatsoever, and you come at me like a jackass. People like you are why I don't usually engage here. Its also why I blocked you on twitter, because your an ass. No I didn't read it, I just said go read it for no ****ing reason. I know he lists it him as a legit NHL prospect. He also lists how he's an overager, but says he still likes him. However, he doesn't go into detail on why he has reservations about an overager. Here is a ****ing clue for you. An overager's possibility of reach the NHL is very very low. They get people excited because they look really good in their overage year, as they should going up against 1st year jr players. That's why I said likely never makes the NHL. I don't agree with Pronman's labeling of Blichfield. I also wanted people to go read his comments and make an assessment themselves. Mine is that he's unlikely to make the NHL. So here is another clue, you dont trade a 70+ point scorer in his prime who you just signed a long term contract with, for a couple of prospects that probably don't pan out (even if Blichfield does, his ceiling is a third liner), a player your going to have to resign for more money than you're willing to pay that you don't need (Dillon), and a couple of low picks. So time to get a few ****ing clues and don't come back until you have them (so I am guessing thats never). And stop being a homer about players. Might as well just jackoff to them instead of come on here and be stupid.
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