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I approached this issue on contract duplicates due to the BOG back on 10/11/20. Since then, there has been no punishment for teams intentionally being dishonest with contracts they signed in 2019. Specifically, teams and GMs took "bad" contracts they signed in 2019 and said they were only one year deals, publishing them as expiring contracts that were signed again this past offseason. Some of the 28 players signed in 2019 who were under contract in 2020 were mistakes and accidents, however, there are multiple players where that option seems implausible. Listed below are the notable contracts were the intention for GMs to get out of their bad signings were obvious.

<strong>Colin Wilson</strong> - Signed in 2019 by Colorado for $3,850,000 for 3 years. He was signed by Pittsburgh for $1,125,000 for 3 years this offseason.

<strong>Joel Edmondson</strong> - Signed in 2019 by St. Louis for $3,000,000 for 4 years. He was then signed by Tampa Bay for $2,500,000 for 2 years this offseason.

<strong>Wayne Simmonds</strong> - Signed in 2019 by Minnesota for $5,500,000 for 4 years. He was then signed by Vancouver for $3,500,000 for 3 years this offseason.

My proposal was that the teams who intentionally removed themselves from the above contracts should be forced to carry the buried cap hit of the original contract for the duration of the original contract, as well as forfeit a roster spot for that player for as long as the original contract. Any "repeat" offenders could be subject to draft pick forfeiture at the BOG's discretion and all other contract duplicates can be determined at an individual level. I know this is a hard issue to navigate, but for teams to simply remove themselves out of contracts they signed because they were short-sided deals negatively affects all other members of this game.