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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

1) Yes, Jost has primarily played LW for Colorado, as we've run with Mackinnon/Kadri/Compher/Bellemare down the middle most nights. Jost has slotted in seamlessly to C whenever we've had injury issues though. He's a very versatile player who can plug holes all over the lineup which makes him very useful (eg. can play LW/RW/C, can play a bottom 6 role, and can also play a top 6 role, along with both PP and PK). His career takeaway/giveaways is 71/31 which highlights that he's very responsible defensively. The only knock on him as a C is that he's bad at faceoffs, but that issue is completely irrelevant when he plays on the wing.

2) Yes I figured as much. Jost would replace one of your more expensive forwards (eg. Clutterbuck?) and thus save you like $1-2m in capspace while potentially also providing a nice little upgrade in your bottom 6.

I'm curious what the NYI fan view of Bode Wilde is after his 1st season? Has his stock risen or fallen since being drafted? I recall that he was ranked in the mid-teens on some prominent draft rankings but haven't followed him much since.</div></div>

Would the Avalanche do Wilde and Komarov for Jost and a 4th?

I'm still a fan of Bode Wilde. He was a projected 1st round pick, has great size, right-handed, had a great junior career. He just had a bad year last year due to injury. I believe he had a very similar injury to Devon Toews and Calvin deHaan, both of whom got hurt in the AHL before jumping to the NHL, and both of whom ended up being legit top-4 defensemen in the NHL after a year of rehabbing. Wilde will bounce back, but given our RHD depth (Pulock-Dobson-Mayfield-Boychuk), he's expendable. I'd keep him no problem if we can find other ways to get rid of our bad contracts.