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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 1 at 8:19
Thread: Trouba
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>Mike Green has a full no trade clause until Feb 2020. There is no doubt he would veto a trade to Winnipeg. Beyond that: why do you think Trouba is going to hurt himself monetarily?
negotiating a long term deal while a RFA means:
1)less teams can enter the bidding (due to needing assets plus cap room to negotiate vs simply cap room) which means less money
2)he doesn't get the benefit of a rising salary cap in the 20-21 season which means less money
3)he doesn't get the benefit of more teams having more money due to expiring contracts in June 2020 which again means less money
4)he doesn't have final say in where he goes...Jets management still does
5)he does Jets management a favor on his way out the door (after they played hardball and had him sit into the 2016 season, took him to arbitration in 2018, and are openly shopping him now).</strong>

I get why the Jets want a sign-and-trade deal...I just don't get why Trouba does? It's better for him to sign a 1 year offer sheet and get to UFA while taking out an insurance policy guarding against injury risk.

Oh and Rasmussen is going to the AHL (no Jr transfer rights keeping him in the NHL anymore). Svechnikov's got another year of waiver exemption because of the ACL tear so he won't be on the Wings to start. And Zadina could use more time in the AHL based on his last year trial unless he blows away the coaching staff in training camp. <strong>Abdelkader is not playing on the top line.</strong> Finally De La Rose has been medically cleared, do you have information otherwise?</div></div>

DLR should be done but won’t give it up. He’s been treated for the same condition 3 times now. I wonder if they wings keep players down and sign veterans to flip at the line then bring them up
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