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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RocketHabs</b></div><div>Maybe, but if Aho's contract sets the market Marner is a mil above that so it starts at 9.5$. And given what an older Panarin got in Free agency for almost an identical season its not unrealistic to expect a 10 to 10.5 mil contract.</div></div>

Rocket, you are 100% correct and AHo did set the Market... That is why Mitch gets the same. Mitch is not better than Aho... At all. and here are facts as to why
1. Aho Plays Center vs Mitch's Wing - Centers are more valuable throughout the NHL
2. Aho Scores more goals than Mitch. Goals are more valuable than Assists. Its just a fact
3. Based on all stats and even the eye test Aho is better defensively than Marner at 5v5
4. Production - yes Mitch got slightly more, but Aho didnt have an elite winger like Marner had an elite center in JT. THier production is virtually the same. I can hear an arguement on how mItch could be better though but its slight

Aho, Montreal and Carolina all agree'd he is worht 8.5/5. Thats what Mitch needs to start at

6/2, 7.5ish/3, 8.5/5, 9/6, 9.5/7, 10/8

Also, Panarin is not a comparable. Panarin is a UFA. He got to be courted by all 31 teams if he wished. He got to choose who he wanted to go with.

Mitch is an RFA
-No Negotiation Rights
-No offersheets got offered or signed by him
-his only power is to hold out which the leafs have now planned for.

Also for fun, question, how many points would Mitch have gotten if instead of passing to JT he was passing to Hyman, Kadri, Kappy, Mango? I know my answer and it is less than 94. You need an elite finisher if you are marner. Every other person i listed would have had the puck bounce off shinpads, sticks, skates, not getting good shots off, or not being in that position in the first place... And now you are talking about a 74-82 point season.
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