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Jan 10, 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F3ruS</b></div><div>WAAAT, if marner doesn't play, this season is donskies for TML. U catch my drift?
I think he is top 3 on team. Somebody would argue he is top2 for sure...
And you guys lost Kadri, no way u can take a chance without Marner.
This has to be done way much earlier, than the Nylander deal.
That would be a fail for your GM, if the exact same thing happening this year, except if its under 7 million @ 8 years... That contract would maybe worth it...but maybe not...
You guys wanna go further than Round 1 in the playoffs i thought... What if next year: BOS vs TOR again, without Marner: 4-3 Toronto? I don't think so...

But that's just seems impossible scenario at this time.
Most likely outcome 10.5 mililon @ 5-7 years, i don't think it's under 10. Just as i said last year about the Marner+Matthews+Kadri+Nylander+Tavares together, i said its not gonna happen. U guys thought im out of my mind... Well u can check where Kadri plays now... Similiar to Tampa: for this year we are fine, next year some guy who everybody likes with 40+ point has to go... Johnson,Gourde,Killorn,Palat etc... or we let valuable players go away, which we won't...

BTW: Nylander was a little diff situation: Nylander gets carried by Matthews.
Marner carries the line. It's much more important to have impact players on your team.

Marner in my eyes = Kane for Blackhawks, or Panarin for Columbus(now NY) etc... He is a must have player on your roster. Personally i really like him everytime i see him play. So yeah , i expect him to sign any contract in 2019 for sure...</div></div>

If you think Marner carries his line you are mistaken. Marner without JT had awful possession numbers all year round. Worst case they make eachother better, but JT has had a history of making al his line mates better and getting crazy overpaid deals when their contracts are up.

Nylander hd a bad year but him and Marner were neck and neck up until year 3. People discredit him on his line but give too much credit to Marner on his.

Imagine Instead of JT you have Kadri, kappy Hyman, mango. How many points would Marner have? My guess is a lot less. Maybe 80 at the high end. Because the pucks would bounc of of kadri/mango/Johnsson’s sticks, stakes, shin pads or they wouldn’t be in the right positions.

Marner is great but let’s stop pretending JT didn’t have a big effect on mariners point totals