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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_Mind</b></div><div>I'll be surprised if either of Makarov or Dolzhenkov become NHLers. If they do it's certainly not going to be in the next 2 years.

Making smart moves is important, and I'm not saying we should be selling the farm, but the CBJ are closer than you think. This team has a lot of talent and should be trying to compete for a playoff spot right now. The cupboard is already stocked and overflowing. They have a surplus of young assets, and some of those should be used to upgrade on defense. I don't want them to trade away all their picks, but the extras should definitely be used to get better now so we're not wasting years of Werenski, Gaudreau, Laine, Jenner.

3OA is off limits because we HAVE to get a franchise centerman there, but the 22OA pick and the surplus 3rds should absolutely be in play, as well as a few prospects in the system. I really like Ceulemans and Mateychuk, but they're not guaranteed to be studs in the NHL. Same with Dumais, even Sillinger and Chinakhov. Again, I don't want to sell off all these guys, but if one or two can be included in a package that bring in a mid-age, legit impact top-4 defenseman or 1C, then I think we'd be foolish to turn that down.</div></div>

I think Dolzhenkov will have a difficult time getting his skillset to work in the NHL. He's just too damn big to play a skill game at the speed the NHL demands. The puck control is unreal and he's fun to watch, but I only see it translating if he can control the puck at the far ends of his wingspan and he is ready and willing to put other players through the glass. The good thing is he's going to be good in front of the net and he's got a shot that punishes anyone who wants to block it.

Makarov doesn't have that problem, being a standard D-man, but I don't know if he jumps gets past the prospect logjam of Svozil, Mateychuk, and Knazko to take NHL time. But who knows.

As for picks, I would label the 3OA untouchable and the 22OA and 34OA damn near close to it. Everything else could be up for sale. My pipe dream is still Carlsson, Haltunnen, and Hrabal and that fills in a couple of the pipeline holes on RW and G. Haltunnen is a potential Laine clone (size-wise) to develop into a true Power Forward and Hrabal gives the Jackets a blue-chip G prospect and really makes the NHL team a lot of fun if Sergei Ivanov makes the jump to NA soon.

If the 22 or 34 are packaged with any of the top end prospects, the return has to have long term team control.