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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>t2a2e9j12k2</b></div><div>So you know Jr and sully personally that is awesome. The problem is that in an interview like two weeks ago JR said the biggest hole left to fill was 3rd line center and cap room was the issue.. I can not find the interview now of coarse i believe it was with mark madden though. You can hope Jankowski fills the role in one hand you can sh@t in the other see which one is full quicker. Jankowski could very easily get sent to the minors. It is just as likely that erod is the 3rd line center next year.</div></div>
While the poster you were replying to seems a bit over-enthusiastic about Jankowski, he's not wrong.

Since Jankowski was called up to the NHL the offensive difference at 5v5 between Bennett and Jankowski is just a few points; Jankowski saw little top 6 time, while Bennett saw a decent amount. Last season Jankowski was not himself, I feel like his confidence was hurt by both being forced to the 4th line and the fact the Flames traded him to Toronto in the deal nixed by Kadri. This I believe was the catalyst of a pretty horrific scoring slump for Jankowski in the first half of the season, by then the Flames had changed coaches and the new coach didn't seem to have any faith in Jankowski. I will also point out, Janko is a frustrating player to watch, as he is a big guy that does not use his size effectively. But he has IMO been the Flames best penalty killer (at forward) the past two years and I believe that says a lot since we have had Backlund and Lindholm as well.

I would also like to point out the irony of discussing Jankowski in a thread about trading Tanev, when I am sure Tanev played a small part in the Pens choosing Jankowski (we know GMs talk to players about the character of other players) as they were teammates at Providence College for 4 years.

In response to your reply to me about Ryan being a better fit for the Pens, he probably is, because he is a better player than Jankowski. Frankly, normally I would personally be all over a Tanev/Ryan swap, but the Flames are not in a position to entertain anything around Ryan and Tanev because of the flat cap. Ryan is a pending UFA and we need to hold onto our expiring contracts with decent raises likely coming for Valimaki and Dube and the only 2021 UFA other than Ryan with a contract big enough to potentially make a difference is Rittich, but I can't imagine that Flames save more than a million on a backup over Rittich's 2.75m