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Forum: Armchair-GMFeb 25, 2020 at 11:34
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Missed that, thanks....

First off, no one can roll with 18 players, thinking that you don't have to carry a 13th forward and 7th dman, even at league minimum is crazy. And I don't think Spezza takes another sweetheart deal for this mess though, when he easily gets twice that with a better contender.
And again you're dealing two or three guys with mid level/lower salaries, (kappy, johnsson, dermott), all your depth, and you still have just enough for probably one quality defenseman. And those guys are quality for their salary, theres no way you get that production or level of play from league minimum guys.

The defense and team defense are weak, if you deal your mid level salaries, you are going to wind up playing 5-6, even 7 youngsters a night, (and I'm not convinced they're good youngsters), and still have the same weaknesses. The increase to holl, muzzin, Campbell had to be done, but again that's just to maintain the pretty average status quo. If we had more kapanens, reillys, sandins or Matthews coming thru the system, great, but we don't (only leaf fans think we have this awesome prospect pool) and are very hopefully expecting them to over achieve, due to the fact were capped out, and no help is coming.

Looking at the cap picture for next year, dealing a kapanen or johnsson doesn't help or address the team weaknesses, but dealing a bigger salary might.

All I'm saying is based on the salaries for next year, expect the same firewagon offense, one of the leagues worst defenses</div></div>

They do it all the time. Their AHL affiliate plays like 20 minutes away. They've been doing it a lot this season, too. Not crazy to think they take advantage of geography for some cap savings.

Already reported if Spezza chooses to play he will take another sweetheart deal so... I mean, I trust Friedman here.

You have Dermott making 2.9 and Kappy makes just over 3. 5.9M can get a pretty good D. That's Manson pr Pesce with room to give. You dont have to give up one of the bigger fish to get one of them.

That's how teams should be built. You lock up the stars, cycle through the young guys and depth guys, trade them for picks, use those to cycle through more depth of young guys and cheap FA signings. The cycle continues. Blackhawks/Penguins model before Blackhawks started giving out thank you deals to their depth.

Rielly - Pesce/Manson, Muzzin - Holl, Sandin - Liljegren is a perfectly fine core. Engvall, Mikheyev give the 3rd line some depth allowing to move Johnsson and/or Kappy.

They really only have to get through next season and then the new TV deal and expansion money will likely explode the cap. No sense trading a key piece when you don't need to.
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb 25, 2020 at 11:21
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lovie_Smith</b></div><div>They will have MAYBE 6mil to sign 3 or 4 players. And I assume they are not going to want to let all of Barrie, Ceci, Clifford, and Spezza just walk, that isn't even considering their RFA class. Most of which are due for considerable raises. I don't know anything about their prospects though. But regardless it is going to be difficult. And correct me if I am mistaken, but aren't they going to have some overages/bonuses from this season to compensate for on next seasons cap hit? They do not have it easy in the cap maneuverability department and they are going to have to pull some interesting stuff to do it. Probably including moving one of their big 3 contracts, nylander, or Kapanen. You are only thinking about the next season. But a GM also has to balance that with the long term and not putting themselves in a position to make desperate moves moving pieces just to get under the cap with garbage return on them, 1 or 2 or 3 years down the road. Then again we are talking about Dubas.</div></div>

They'll have about 9M free before factoring the cap rising. You can probably get Spezza and Clifford for 2.2 combined. Leaving Mikheyev and Dermott to resign. Probably about 4M combined there (2.8 and 1.1, respectively). Leaves about 2.8 free before factoring any trades. It's not ideal but they have a small bit of wiggle room to maneuver with. Likely one of Kap or Johnsson end up moving for a D, though.

They really just have to get to expansion and the new TV deal.
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