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Big time Flyers fan. Love good hockey.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CaptJosef</b></div><div>I couldn't disagree more. First thought as a Flyers fan is that we can't fit that trade under the cap but assuming we make space elsewhere I can't see us giving up Sanheim and Frost.

I guess a lot of this is based on how you view Laine. He's a very good player but, imo, not a franchise player. I think you pick one top prospect / player our first round pick and work from there. People saying 4 of Frost, Farabee, Sanheim, Patrick, and our first round pick are way off. When was the last time a real trade was that stacked for anyone?

Look at the Stone and Karlsson trades, two of the best players moved in recent times. Stone (with a new contract) was a top prospect a 2nd round pick, and a cap dump UFA. I realise the Jets have more leverage with Laine though however Stone was wanted by most the league.

Frost could certainly be the centerpiece of a Laine trade, Sanheim too (I think the value is fair, I'm not sure if the Flyers give up their second best D though). Then our first round pick. After that is probably several middle 6ers or B grade prospects.</div></div>

I don’t agree with those trade comparables. Stone was 26 about to hit UFA on an expiring contract but Vegas was confident they could get an extension done. To your argument when was the last time a trade was that stacked for anyone could be flipped around to when was a 22 year old RFA controlled player with 138 Goals in his first 305 games ever traded? The answer is nobody ever. I would love for the package not to be that much and to have Laine but I guarantee IF they move him it’s going to be an absurd package from a team.