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Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 6:36 pm
So this has some major major issues. I’m likely to miss a few, because conceptually you seem to be going about this the wrong way. This is a Stanley cup contender that does not have a huge window with this group. It seems like you’re not acknowledging that.
The Krejci trade
- he has some no trade protection. 0.0% chance he waives for Ottawa. 0.0% chance Ottawa wants him.
-The last season the NHL completed he had over 70 points, and was the 2nd center for a team that went to game 7 of the Stanley cup final. Why are they trading such important players?
-Norris is a solid prospect. You know who isn’t trading top 6 forwards for prospects? Stanley cup contenders.
-I don’t know why you say it’s obvious he is not coming back. There is literally nothing about what has happened that makes this obvious.

The Krug deal
-It’s just not a real life concept. They’ll sign him to a normal deal.

-i just don’t know what on earth you were thinking here.

-should be on the team. Oh, that’s a good way to get rid of girgensons

- I’m not sure you’re thinking of the right player here. Offering him 2.6 million is utterly preposterous.

-incredibly important role for the team. He’ll be back. Another one year deal if he wants to continue playing.

The RFAs
-Grzelcyk will need more for that term.
-Bjork isn’t going to sign for three years. That would be really limiting his earning power.

The expansion draft:
-I think your information regarding free agents and protection is incorrect. That would mark a major change from last time around.
-They would DEFINITELY protect mcavoy over freaking lauzon.
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Thread: Giddyup Bs
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafs_and_Sens_Fan</b></div><div>When are you guys gonna learn that Moore has negative value...</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Moog121</b></div><div>That's why they need to add a sweetener and most likely retain some salary. That signing was absurd by Sweeney in terms of dollars and term...but he can play in the right environment for a D starved team...</div></div>

Since when is a US$2.75M signing <strong>absurd</strong>? Really? And there's room for him under the current <em>real Boston cap</em> and your <em>FAN-TASY</em> squad above ^ ^ ^ ^

The benefit to BOS if he stays is as follows:
* JM is decent playoff depth if injuries/suspensions abound.
* When inserted in the lineup he's been just fine because the team and coaches play in a system.
* On expansion there's two things: a) he can be dangled with other bait to get the STARBUCKS to <em>NOT</em> pick a desired player (his contract helps them get to the 'floor' and is not that bad), or b) if a D-man (eg: LD M. Grzelyck) is plucked then JM is NHL-proven especially if a replacement kid (Vaak-Zboril...) isn't ready., and
* He can always be waived/traded later if $$$ becomes a team-issue (highly doubtful given DS's use of the $$$ so far)...

When he was signed a few years back now -
1) Chara was going to retire soon right - we all thought so, and
2) BOS had a lot of D-Man kids in Grz-Carlo-Mac (and Mac had issues staying healthy), so a vet was a good add...

You see the "Longview synopsis" is: Hell of a signing boys....
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